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  • Posted on January 17, 2023
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Avanade Intelligent digital twin solutions

Manufacturers have accelerated their adoption of digital technology – without always accelerating the benefits of that adoption.

As it turns out, adopting digital technology with the expectation it will deliver “more, cheaper, faster” often isn’t enough, and may not be right, for your business. On the other hand, adopting digital technology as part of a strategy to address specific challenges is a likelier route to success. One common thread we’ve noticed among many successful manufacturers: they use digital technology to achieve one or more of these three goals:

  • Optimize production performance
  • Maximize sustainability and energy management
  • Upgrade workers’ skills

At Avanade, we call our approach to using digital technology to achieve these goals, quickly, profitably and at scale, Smart Digital Manufacturing. It helps manufacturers to bring the factory of the future to life and do what matters. Smart Digital Manufacturing accomplishes this by using digital technologies and strategy to transform operations for greater agility, quality, safety and resilience; to drive innovation at scale to accelerate production time and speed-to-value; and to enhance experiences for workers, customers and partners e.g. one of our current clients a global energy company is using mixed reality and digital twins to upskill and also guide workers on inspection of power plant facilities.

Introducing Avanade Intelligent Digital Twin solutions: Fast, scalable and value-based
In this blog, we focus on the first of these three pillars: transforming operations. To support transformed operations from the shop floor to the boardroom, Avanade offers a business and value driven solution including an Intelligent Digital Twin of your operations. Our solutions, which we provide through a joint program with Microsoft, include the latest digital twin and AI technologies from Microsoft together with industry expertise from Avanade and Accenture.

The program helps clients to accelerate transformation with a focus on production optimization, energy efficiency, and quality improvement at scale. Providing manufacturers with the necessary skills, and experience, the hallmarks of the program are fast, value-based results and scalability from an MVP on a single shop floor to a production solution across a manufacturer’s global operations.

At the core of the 12–15-week program, Avanade works with your business and its IT and OT leaders to align on the right use cases to generate value at scale and implement an MVP that can be scaled. Our Avanade accelerators and partner solutions enable fast time to value and offer the ability to include already made investments. You can use an Avanade Intelligent Digital Twin solution to solve a new use case that you haven’t yet implemented or tested, one that would deliver measurable value once implemented and that is repeatable across production sites. Or, you can scale an existing use case that’s already been tried in an MVP and now needs to be put into production and extended to new sites.

How does a $200 million per year return sound to you?
What benefits could you achieve? Every company’s experience is unique, of course, but here’s what we’re helping some other manufacturers to achieve with Intelligent Digital Twin solutions:

  • $200 million per year in increased profits by an equipment manufacturer via higher profit margins/li>
  • $100 million per year in increased revenue, achieved by a petrochemical producer via a 2% increase in plant output
  • $100,000 per month in savings, seen by a global large equipment manufacturer, by achieving 98% accuracy in predicting machine failure
  • 15% reduction in defects by an automotive parts manufacturer reducing cost of quality and improving client satisfaction
  • 50% reduction in the cost of defect detection and resolution by a construction equipment manufacturer

Intelligent Digital Twin solutions from Avanade can be right for your business whether you operate in discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing, or energy-related industries. From manufacturing to mining, consumer goods to chemicals, oil and gas production to heavy and high-volume manufacturing, medical equipment and more – whatever your manufacturing business, you can use Avanade Intelligent Digital Twin solutions to quickly address your priorities, achieve measurable and value-based results, and scale your solution across lines and facilities.

How to get started
Want to learn more? Get our free guide to Avanade Intelligent Digital Solutions, available here.

Want to explore how you can transform your specific operations with Avanade Digital Twin Solutions? Whatever your goals and timeline, we can help you with our industry and technology experts to get started.

  • Take one hour to talk with us about your challenges and how Avanade can help.
  • Take one day in which you and your colleagues meet with us to learn more.
  • Take one week to review findings, understand the value opportunity with appropriate uses cases and develop an initial hypothesis to be jointly validated before the start of an MVP.

Contact your Avanade representative or contact us online.

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