The benefits of an automated outbound marketing

  • Posted on July 12, 2022
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Automated outbound marketing benefits

I remember when outbound strategy was seen as a classic sales strategy and marketers would simply see it as cold calling. But not ANYMORE!

With the advances in marketing technology, outbound marketing now has the potential to be a personable and relatable approach particularly with complex or customised products, services, and solutions. Despite that, many companies still work on their outbound strategy as the classical cold calling once it was. So, that calls for a change on the Marketers front.

Don’t you think inbound is more effective in bringing engaged customers to the door? Have you considered the return on investment?
Simply put, different strategies, different experiences! And one does not replace the other. The new outbound platforms enable sales and marketing to turn traditional cold calls to highly targeted outreach & interactions.

Why should you invest in outbound?
I must say, a decade ago, I would be the first person to question the return on investment with outbound strategies. In addition, people naturally dislike receiving cold calls, impersonal emails, or unsolicited messages. The conventional outbound cold calls are not very personal, has an excessive cost on the front-end sales and could lead to waste of energy and resources. Furthermore, it could cost you losing a potential lead because of lack of knowledge and inadequate offering.

Warming up the process of cold calling
This is where a more personalised approach could change the landscape. Think of a unified database where all customer data from various touchpoints and channels that a customer come across in their journey with your company (i.e., information about customers, previous deals, their interaction with your channels, your services, your training offering etc.)! Having such a prospect empowers you to go in prepared and offer something of value to your customer which is relevant to their business needs, not necessarily at that point in time but also the future opportunities.

As you can imagine warm calling is not just one instance and it is not targeted or made for a one-off project or solution offering. Warm calling is a process that helps you build up and strengthen a relationship by cultivating conversations, understanding requirements, and offering feasible and practical resolutions. In this process you get a chance to collect interaction data and additional cues to nurture those leads and support with ideas solutions that are tailored specifically for them that are needed and relevant.

Now, here comes the challenge: Designing a warm calling process seems to be a lengthy process and you do not have the resources to store and follow up all this information.

I am going to let you in on a secret: The keyword here is Automated outbound! And I can introduce you to the platform that can support you turn “Prospects into Engaged Customers” in a simple, seamless, and secure way.

To find out more about on best practices in outbound marketing and how we can help with yours, contact me or leave a comment below.

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