From digital chaos to digital clarity

  • Posted on November 22, 2022
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Digital chaos to clarity

Think for a moment what content is created in your company every day. Sales creates presentation for the next meeting, marketing designs a sales folder, HR a video to recruit new specialists, and the assistant to the management works on the next board presentation.
In addition, agencies and other external service providers are also working outside of a company to give your brand a unified face.

They all need efficient access to data, images, and information in order to be able to carry out their respective tasks smoothly. In reality, however, many of them have to trawl through labyrinthine server structures in search of the right file or ask colleagues to help them find it.

The way out of this digital mess is Digital Asset Management. A DAM system can provide you with the opportunity to organize and manage all digital files in a cloud-based ecosystem. Furthermore, a DAM system supports companies in establishing new efficient workflows with a clear distribution of roles and rights, which ultimately leads to better content and consistent brands lead experiences.

Synergies instead of silos
In a DAM system, the planning, production, collaboration, and management of your content come together in a central, integrated solution. But such a virtual ecosystem offers many other advantages. Here are some highlights to consider:

  • Digital transparency
    Operational excellence needs reliable key figures. A DAM system makes the performance of your assets measurable and provides valuable insights to use them in the future to be able to optimize.

  • Uniform user experience
    A good DAM system allows content collaboration workflows, that are backed by sharing roles. The combination provides you with a powerful digital asset management with an intuitive user interface that anyone can use.

  • High quality
    No more unnecessary work, duplicates, and content proliferation. With clearly defined workflows, access rights and easy-to-find files, you achieve a consistent brand experience.

  • Cost efficiency
    Nobody in your company has to waste valuable time searching for assets. Having a well thought out content hub means bringing more efficiency to your marketing processes — and naturally, that translates into greater cost effectiveness.

Digital transformation path with Sitecore Content hub
The Sitecore Content Hub™ is one of the world's most popular DAM systems for monitoring the entire lifecycle of your content. It brings together the planning, production, and distribution of content in a centrally integrated solution. Whether editing, design, strategy, or sales: Every role within your company can be assigned in a single user interface with customized functions and rights. An integrated planning tool makes it easy to create timings and define important milestones for each project.

Do you want to know more about how Avanade proceeds when establishing a content hub? Contact us or leave a comment below.

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