Partnering with LifeWorks to improve people’s lives and communities

  • Posted on December 7, 2022
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The best relationships happen when everyone involved shares values and are committed to social good. By those standards, Avanade and LifeWorks are thriving. #relationshipgoals.

Our shared values come through in the work we’re doing together – building applications and tools to help employees and employers take a proactive and positive approach to mental health. And the growth is evident in community service work we did in Toronto in early October 2022 and around the world later in the month.

On October 12th, about 75 people from LifeWorks and Avanade came together to make a difference in the community and environment where we work and live. One group of volunteers assembled care packs for distribution to under-privileged community members through WoodGreen, one of Toronto’s largest social services agencies. Another group helped pot plants as part of Ontario Streams’ ongoing efforts to protect and rehabilitate streams and wetlands.

“Working side by side with people on social good opens up new opportunities for us to get to know each other,” says Andrew Reydman, Avanade client account lead. “And the better we know and understand each other, the more effective we can be in our work.”

When Reydman first raised the idea of a combined community service project LifeWorks’ Data and Technology team, they invited the Avanade team to participate in its community investment efforts planned for October 12th, which were already in progress.

“At LifeWorks, our commitment to our communities is guided by our purpose of improving lives while improving business. We are thrilled that Avanade shares our commitment to making a positive impact and were happy to have them with us,” says Anjali Lorentz, vice president, human resources at LifeWorks.

It was another value shared by the two companies – a passion for finding innovative ways to make a genuine human impact – that inspired Avanade and LifeWorks to volunteer to mentor Junior Achievement (JA) students virutally as well. Avanade is JA’s global technology partner and an active collaborator on JA’s activities, from mentoring to helping with regional contests. Together, LifeWorks and Avanade will meet virtually with a group of young adults to talk about career planning and personal branding.

“Volunteering is a key part of our goal to improve one billion lives globally,” says Lorentz. “This year, we organized data and technology group volunteer days in partnership with Avanade across all regions where we have teams. It’s a great opportunity to get to know your colleagues and partners better while giving back to a great cause. I look forward to participating.”

“The Avanade team at LifeWorks already feels inspired by the work we’re doing because it matters – we’re building tools that help with people’s well-being,” says Reydman. “Extending our partnership to make a positive impact in the community feels very natural to both organizations. We’re honored to be part of this larger team that’s putting good into the world in so many ways.”

Check out the LifeWorks client story page for more.

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