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AI’s role in changing the outlook of the retail industry

Posted by Avanade News on September 7, 2017

Sahir Anand, Managing Vice-President Research & Strategy of EnsembleIQ, describes the various ways AI is helping retail.

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Streamlining order management is critical for retail success

Posted by Stephane Chabert on August 28, 2017

One of the distinguishing traits of a successful retailer in creating a frictionless shopper experience is efficient order management says Stephane Chabert.

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How virtual & mixed reality will change the future of retail

Posted by Rob Bakkers on August 4, 2017

Rob Bakkers of Avanade describes three ways retailers can use virtual and mixed reality and how it enhances customer experience.

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Why front-end customer service relies on backend operations

Posted by Nick Lefkonidjates on June 14, 2017

For the omnichannel experience to be successful, front-end platforms must align perfectly with back-end operations and systems such as ERP.

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Predictive and prescriptive analytics gains foothold with fashion retail

Posted by Benoit Morache on June 9, 2017

The fashion industry is turning towards data analytics to predict demand, assortments, inventory turns and other underlying omnichannel trends.

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How technology is changing the backend of retail

Posted by Nick Lefkonidjates on June 6, 2017

To remain competitive, attitudes about back-end systems and investment needs to change.

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Fashion and apparel’s quest to merge online and offline into omnichannel

Posted by Marcos Suarez Fernandez on May 22, 2017

Growth in digital shopping coupled with smart in-store omnichannel technologies has redefined the way fashion and apparel retailers operate.

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Fashion hit with global uncertainties and heightened customer demands

Posted by Marcos Suarez Fernandez on May 3, 2017

Read about three key findings influencing the retail and fashion apparel industry, from a study by Avanade and EKN Research.

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