Avanade receives ISO certification validating client security priority

  • Posted on March 27, 2017

This is a guest blog post written by Avanade alum, Wayne Anderson.

As Avanade’s Director of Global Client Information Security, this is my personal passion and the focus of my team, and I am proud to share a critical accomplishment with our clients!

Avanade’s Unified Communication and Collaboration Managed Services recently achieved ISO27001 certification, signifying that our teams, people, and processes operate within a security management system applying key industry security practices to protect the data and platforms we provide to clients.

I talk to our clients nearly every day.  We all live in an environment of global regulation, of ongoing security threats, and of data compliance obligations.  As a result, the modern hybrid enterprise demands that each company contributing to the platforms and services addresses the reasonable privacy and security needs of the business. I and the rest of Avanade’s Information Security Office leverage the international standard ISO27001 as a key benchmark across our businesses to apply industry practices in an ongoing investment to manage information security risks and provide a high level of service to our clients.

Dozens of accredited security professionals are part of Avanade’s investments meeting the security needs of our clients, scaling them to are international operations, managing the technical systems which contribute protects, training and guiding our people as custodians of the assets which they are entrusted, and focusing day in and day out on what is needed for reasonable control over the risks we can foresee.

The ISO27001 framework drives key aspects of how an information security management system should be constructed, the support it receives from the organization, and processes which identify, manage, treat, and reduce risk throughout the lifecycle of the systems and operations for our business. Part of that process is applying guidance from related international standard codes of security practice, and disciplines in risk management, business continuity and other related functions.

In our managed services businesses, as demonstrated with this certification, we seek to manage company information and associated risks using this standard – which can then be certified compliant by an independent and accredited certification body on successful completion of a compliance audit.  This trust mark helps the most important part of our business – our clients – obtain a better understanding of the value of security at Avanade, and our diligent focus on being a trusted vendor for your organization. The information security management system for the Unified Communications and Collaboration Managed Services delivered by Avanade has been independently audited by the British Standards Institute (BSI), a certified auditor, for ISO, as being in conformance with ISO27001.

Achieving ISO27001 certification is one element in our ongoing commitment to serving our clients, and we will continue responding to the evolving security threats that go along with the business enablement that connected systems provide. Avanade’s investment will continue to focus on the continuous operational improvements that respond to the changing needs of our clients, international privacy obligations, and evolving security practices.

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