Seamless identity governance for Dynamics 365

  • Posted on June 6, 2024
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This article was co-authored by Robert Byrne, Field Strategist, One Identity.

Organizations face a myriad of challenges when it comes to managing identities securely and efficiently. From heightened cybersecurity risks and technology evolution to internal threats and regulatory compliance, the need for robust solutions to streamline operations and fortify security around identity and access is critical.

Today’s manual processes for license assignment, user provisioning, role assignment and access auditing are costly, labor-intensive, error-prone and risky, potentially leading to data or credential leakage. CRM solutions like Dynamics 365 (D365) typically require complex integrations to mitigate these risks.

The critical need for robust identity solutions
While D365 boasts strong built-in security features, the complexity of identity governance and administration (IGA) remains a burden on already-stretched administrators.

As D365 does not come with its own built-in IGA capabilities, it depends on other services like Microsoft Entra or industry-leading vendors like One Identity to provide these capabilities. If IGA is overlooked, organizations are at risk of exposure of customer data, disruption to customer engagement processes, revenue loss and potential reputational damage from cyberattacks.

D365 tends to be treated as an application island when it comes to integration with the wider security ecosystem. Also, user management for D365 is often not automated, adding cost and complexity as the number of users increase.

According to recent industry data, over half of data breaches involve stolen identity credentials, including those of employees and contractors, highlighting the urgent need for streamlined identity hygiene and governance.

An enterprise-level IGA solution for speed and security
Enter Avanade's IGA solution for Dynamics 365: a groundbreaking enterprise-level IGA solution powered by One Identity Manager. This innovative solution streamlines user access management and governance to enhance security, optimize operations and ensure compliance. It alleviates the burden on administrators through centralized, policy-based automation.

This solution empowers businesses to seamlessly manage access to critical customer and financial data. By bridging Dynamics 365 with One Identity Manager, organizations gain a comprehensive IGA solution tailored to their unique needs. This enables a consistent policy-based approach to governing identities across the enterprise. The solution capitalizes and builds upon your existing Microsoft Entra ID investments, providing an additional layer of governance, automation and reporting insights across the enterprise.

One standout feature of our solution is its swift implementation timeline. With a rapid deployment approach, organizations can achieve fully secured access control, significantly reducing the time and effort traditionally associated with identity governance.

Empowering organizations with comprehensive identity governance
The challenges of identity management require proactive solutions that not only mitigate risks but also enhance operational agility. Avanade and One Identity are committed to delivering transformative solutions that empower organizations to effectively navigate the complexities of modern identity governance. Avanade and One Identity’s IGA solution allows organizations to automate and enforce access controls and increase visibility of access risk to make proactive and informed decisions.

Ready to streamline your identity management processes and bolster your security posture? Reach out to us today to learn more about how the IGA solution for Dynamics 365 can benefit your organization.

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