Managed security services: Are you getting the most from your partner?

  • Posted on May 18, 2023
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Managed security services partner

Managed Security Service providers have become a staple of an enterprise security strategy for over 20 years. That’s not a surprise considering that we live in a world of cyber-attacks that are constantly evolving, increasing in frequency and sophistication. Traditionally, providers have negotiated down to their bottom line to win your business, but does that mean you’re only getting a partner who will manage your security platform?

Recent research shows that on average, it takes up to 50 days to resolve a breach. If it goes public, the loss of trust with customers and investors can put up to 9% of global turnover at risk, having a multi-year impact to operations.

To help you stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape, you need a partner who not only manages your security services, but also proactively increases defences for your enterprise whilst evolving your security platform to keep ahead of rapid technology change. This needs to be done at a pace that improves your cyber resilience but also reduces costs and improves efficiency.

Continuous value and improved security
Working with our clients, Avanade has developed a unique approach for Managed Security Services – manage, defend and evolve. So how is it broken down? Our services include:

1. End-to-end management and usage of your Microsoft and strategic vendor security tools. It includes:

  • Global 24x7 support including incident management, service request management and break-fix support.
  • Management of security rules, dashboards, policies and configurations to secure your environment
  • Maximization of capabilities to enhance the platform and reduce technical debt.

2. Proactive defence to increase resilience against internal and external threats that provides:

  • Security expertise to proactively tighten controls within your environment.
  • The latest threat intelligence to identify mitigations ahead of an attack.
  • Full visibility of threats, by leveraging the threat hunting capabilities of the Microsoft platform, to identify indicators of compromise, which are shared with your security teams to resolve together.

3. Increased coverage and speed of the response, through evolving the security platform to maximize ROI to:

  • Ensure your security controls are always up to date
  • Maximize your investment in Microsoft Security through strategic security partnerships and directly contribute to your strategy and roadmaps.
  • Increase your coverage by onboarding new applications into applicable services such as Microsoft Azure AD and Defender for Cloud Apps.
  • Automate the manual activities to reduce cost, increase service performance and reduce risk through rapid response.

A Managed Security Service that gives you more
Whilst security threats have evolved, on the whole managed services have not. At Avanade our approach is designed to help you protect trust while providing continual value. IDC research demonstrated that Avanade’s Managed Services deliver 433%, five-year ROI, with a 10-month average payback period and 60% savings realized for security tools.

Why is it important?
With the average cost of a breach now at a staggering $4.35m, and cyber-attacks only increasing in volume the need for a managed security service provider (MSSP) you can trust to not only manage the platform, but also be a front-line partner who will proactively defend your environment like it where our own, is more important than ever. Our evolve pricing approach and delivery models are proven to deliver tangible return on investment, by increasing coverage and onboarding, as well as helping you realize your Microsoft Security investments full potential, this evolve approach benefits your business by reducing costs and overheads in other areas of the operating model, freeing up time within your teams to focus on the business. This unique combination of Manage, Defend & Evolve will truly revolutionize your experience and reset your expectations.

Interesting in learning more? Contact us today for an overview of our approach.

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