Microsoft is the biggest cybersecurity firm: Here’s why that matters

  • Posted on September 12, 2019
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Microsoft cybersecurity firm

When you hear companies claiming to be the biggest, you’d be forgiven for asking the question, “so what?”

True – you might value a partner with global scale, offering breadth and stability. But being the biggest doesn’t always mean a vendor is the best.

So, you might ask the same question of Microsoft. Its accolade of the world’s largest cybersecurity firm sounds great, but why does that really matter to you?

Well, in Microsoft’s case, that size adds up to real benefits for your organisation. And below I’ve explored the four reasons why.

  1. Vendor consolidation opportunities

    It wasn’t so long ago that the cybersecurity sector was a patchwork of different providers with varying specialities. That meant – to protect your organisation – you’d need to stitch together a tapestry of proprietary solutions.

    Fast forward a decade or so and today that fiddly and frustrating environment of multiple security vendors has been superseded – replaced by a consolidated marketplace. In the modern cybersecurity sector, a license from a single comprehensive vendor (like Microsoft) gives you access to over 30 distinct cybersecurity capabilities and services.

    That not only means consistency and less hassle when managing and maintaining multiple vendor relationships. It also delivers complete visibility over the integrity of your infrastructure, applications and devices – allowing you to identify, respond to and generate insights around cybersecurity incidents more efficiently and effectively.

  2. A seamless and secure modern workplace

    That transparency extends across your IT environment – from workplace applications and devices into the cloud, too.

    Without a single platform that spans identity management, infrastructure, devices and data, you’ll constantly be fighting to meld insights and analysis from disparate security systems together to understand the risk you face. That's not only hard, it's also a waste of your valuable time, too.

    With an integrated security environment – one that’s secure by design (embracing both workplace applications and the cloud) – you’ll benefit from complete and instant visibility.

    That means you’ll be able to identify and respond to immediate concerns – like incidents and breaches – and also harness insights and longer-term behavioural trends to help your business adapt while remaining secure.

  3. Making managed security services simpler

    Cybersecurity experts are hot property. Recruiting and retaining them is one headache you don’t need. That’s another reason why using Microsoft as your cybersecurity platform makes so much sense.

    A partner with deep expertise when it comes to the integral security features of platforms including Office 365, Windows 10, Azure and Dynamics, can help you to alleviate the burden of hiring your own cybersecurity team. Managed security services allow you to focus instead on doing what you do best – empowering your business.

    Avanade’s unique managed security services offering embraces the entire Microsoft ecosystem – providing a holistic solution for enterprise clients across all sectors. We help you to unlock growth, cut costs and drive collaboration – safe in the knowledge you’re protected by our 24/7 managed security service teams.

    In fact, we’re a founding member of Microsoft’s cybersecurity alliance – an initiative that powers digital transformation for enterprises across the world.

  4. Microsoft: board-certified security

    Cybersecurity was once solely the responsibility of the IT department. And, even then, it was an afterthought. But today it's under intense scrutiny from the board.

    The C-suite needs to find a way to deliver a secure modern workplace – one where users can access the data they need from any device and in any location – to encourage both innovation and productivity. But the board also needs to guard against becoming the next organisation to hit the headlines after succumbing to a breach. That can’t happen without robust security foundations in place.

    C-suite execs across the globe trust Microsoft as a cornerstone of business. Senior leaders know they can rely on it to deliver a modern security platform and drive business transformation.

For the best security setup, get the best Microsoft partner
At Avanade, we’re uniquely positioned to consult on, implement and manage Microsoft security solutions. We’re closer to Microsoft than any other partner and that’s helped us to win over 100 security deals in the UK in 2019 alone.

We have the pedigree, resources and global scale to thrive in even the most complex and compliance-intensive sectors. So, if you want the best security setup and get the best Microsoft partner, find out more about Avanade Security Services.


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