A new era for proactive security with Microsoft’s new Security Services

  • Posted on May 18, 2022
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Avanade Microsoft’s New Security Services

In a recent report 81% of companies said that staying ahead of attackers is a constant battle and that the cost is unsustainable. This is no real surprise. Most security models are reactive, there are too many technologies and processes, giving companies an endless nightmare of alert overload and fatigue.

Add to this, the pressure of ever-changing regulatory compliance mandates and the shortage of security talent, the pressure will only intensify in the future.

To help clients meet these challenges, we’re excited to announce that Avanade will be collaborating with Microsoft as one of the global Microsoft Security Service for Enterprise partners that provides detection and response for Microsoft customers. MxDR is a type of Managed Security Service that comprises of 4 essential elements – monitoring, detection, investigation, and response.

How can MxDR help solve next generation security challenges?
Microsoft Security Services for Enterprise proactively finds and often mitigates cyber threats before they cause disruption to the business. It includes:

- 24/7 eyes on glass – minimizing the time from detection to response, which automates alert triage and threat remediation, faster than a traditional Security Incident Event Monitoring (SIEM)

- Proactive detection of adversaries, finding and resolving hidden threats to minimize and damage and loss

- Threat protection on your cloud platform with extended monitoring of the enterprise attack surface

- Threat intelligence which is industry specific, based on customized threat collection capabilities and dark web scouring

The collaboration will thrive on next generation cloud native Security Incident Event Monitoring (SIEM) Microsoft Sentinel, Defender tools with a combination of threat intelligence, Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) and AI based models.

Deepen security resiliency with MxDR

At Avanade, we’ve been focused on developing services that we know our clients need, so that we can help them make a genuine human impact and protect the trust of everyone that they serve.

"Microsoft Security‘s mission is to help make our customers globally across industries secure so customers can thrive. We also partner and power the best security service companies to protect their customers, and Avanade is a good example of this. We look forward to working with Avanade and others to secure customers of all sizes." – Kelly Bissell, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Security Solutions

This collaboration will allow us to support our clients in their journey to become more resilient to cyberthreats and minimize the impact of incidents - at a time when they need it more than ever.

Read the full announcement here or visit Avanade.com/security.

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