Secure 3rd party collaboration: Call it creativity without boundaries

  • Posted on August 29, 2018
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Can you share ideas freely within your business and move information around with ease? I’d like to hope the answer is a simple ‘yes’. But what about externally? With third parties? Your response might not be so straightforward…

The one thing that’s holding back your creativity
In my experience, efficient and secure collaboration is crucial. It keeps ideas moving and keeps creativity fluid allowing people to work at their own pace and in various locations Technological advances have definitely made things easier in this regard – content can be developed and shared across the globe in a matter of moments with one-click connections and lightning-fast data transfers.

But with all this valuable data and Intellectual Property (IP) darting about, there’s one major concern – security. How do you make external collaboration secure? How do you stop your groundbreaking idea or exclusive story from falling into the wrong hands? How do you make sure that only the right people have access?

Secure third party collaboration is key
While internal security has been adopted by the majority of businesses today, many have been slow to apply similar thinking to third party collaboration. I’m asking why? It’s a key component to the creative process. For example, media companies, who work with multiple agencies, production houses and freelance employees as part and parcel of the everyday workflow.

The dangers of data loss
Think about it. Once a third party receives a sharing link, anything could happen with the data being shared. How will they use it? Will they use it for means beyond what was intended? Even if you trust the third party, what if they have no means of protecting your data adequately?

It’s a worrying thought. But ask yourself if you can afford to lose what you’ve sent. Aside from the value of your IP, there’s also the sensitive data to consider that’s shared operationally – such as payroll details for third party contractors. You certainly don’t want to become front page news for an embarrassing – and costly – data breach.

The solution you need is out there
We understand the need to share, the need to collaborate and be creative, we also understand the need to protect.

Many businesses find third party secure collaboration tricky to manage, it requires complex, people-driven processes that take up time and resources during every engagement. We’ve encountered these challenges with many of our clients. But thankfully, Avanade has the solution.

We provide businesses and their employees with the tools and technologies required to control user access to business information. We help you define and manage the roles of individual users and their privileges, while providing automation to reduce the costs of managing third party identities. But crucially, our solution enables you to collaborate securely – and realise the benefits of creativity without boundaries.

Register for our free guide and find out how you can achieve efficient, secure collaboration that helps business flow.

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