Surrounding our clients with security management to avoid risk

  • Posted on April 10, 2017

security management

This is a guest blog post written by Avanade alum, Wayne Anderson.

The security and protection of clients’ information and privacy of their data is essential to earning – and maintaining – trust. That’s why, at Avanade, we continually invest significant resources in our people, processes, and technologies to protect our clients’ information, mitigate risks, and meet our client obligations Twitter [CLICK TO TWEET].

As Avanade’s Director of Global Client Information Security, my team is charged with addressing the information security concerns to help safeguard client information and data privacy. Avanade’s investment spans the spectrum of information security operations, including governance, client data protection, business continuity, and incident response and management.

Avanade invests in security operations and monitoring to implement the robust execution of industry-aligned defensive assets. The modern hybrid enterprise demands that each company contributing to the platforms and services addresses the reasonable privacy and security needs of the business. From network and endpoint security, through to the analysis and response assets which protect business operations, we work to provide a trustworthy platform to meet client needs.

Avanade’s investments in meeting the security needs of our clients are global in scale, managing the technical systems which contribute to protecting our client data, ensuring that our people are trained and ready to apply the guidance and practices as custodians of the assets which they are entrusted, and implementing processes that provide reasonable control over risks.

We also offer account-level data protection, where individual account leaders have the flexibility and accountability to meet the needs of our clients. In that way, industry- and client-specific requirements may be implemented using account level visibility.

Avanade’s investment and commitment is further underpinned by a comprehensive set of internal policies, standards, client data protection, account management and project execution which guide our security activities.

Recently, I proudly announced that Avanade’s Unified Communication and Collaboration Managed Services recently achieved ISO27001 certification. The ISO27001 framework drives key aspects of an information security management system, including its construction, the support it receives from the organization, and the processes used to identify, manage, treat, and reduce risk throughout the lifecycle of the system and operations for our business.

It was one step in the journey, and today we take another.  And tomorrow another.  Every day, we focus on continuous security improvement.  Anyone who has been in this industry understands that perfect security is not a destination but a journey.  Along this journey, we continue to collaborate with our clients, through discussions, leading to commitments, and then to thousands of employees around the world using Avanade’s tools, training, and processes to make it possible to deliver on those commitments.

Trust is the cornerstone of every one of our client relationships at Avanade. We are deeply committed to investing in the security of data we manage for our clients.

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