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Business of Technology

CIOs: prepare for Brexit, adopt the cloud

Posted by Stuart Ingham on June 13, 2017

Stuart Ingham of Avanade UK believes IT leaders should focus on the four primary areas to quantify how cloud adoption could support their Brexit plans.

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5 ways that mixed reality can enhance business operations

Posted by Rob Bakkers on June 07, 2017

Rob Bakkers of Avanade shares five use cases that showcase the potential and power of Mixed Reality and HoloLens technology for business operations.

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Data and Analytics

Microsoft supercharges Power BI with new features

Posted by Ed Bobrin on May 08, 2017

Microsoft is making a splash with newly released Power BI features. Learn more about Power BI Premium and its innovative data and analytics capabilities.

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Health Care

Millennials are driving new digital workplace trends in healthcare

Posted by Avanade News on May 01, 2017

Millennials are driving digital workplace expectations in healthcare. Learn how digital tools such as Office 365 and Microsoft Teams play into the equation.

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Four technology trends and their impact on ERP

Posted by Gertjan van der Linden on April 26, 2017

The future of ERP is in the cloud Discover the four technology trends and their impact on ERP from Avanade's Gertjan van der Linden.

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Data and Analytics

Mapping digital workplace insights to business value context

Posted by Ed Bobrin on April 24, 2017

Digital transformation is a journey. Before you run, you must walk says Ed Bobrin. Take your first step with Avanade's Digital Workplace Insights.

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What to consider when switching your CRM to Microsoft Dynamics 365

Posted by Nancie Calder on April 06, 2017

Nancie Calder of Avanade shares the immense benefits of migrating to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and gives advice on how to make the transition a smooth one.

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Avanade receives ISO certification validating client security priority

Posted by Wayne Anderson on March 27, 2017

Wayne Anderson, Director of Global Client Information Security at Avanade, shares his excitement and pride over Avanade's ISO27001 certification.

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Health Care

Why health care needs a chief of work

Posted by Michelle Caldwell on January 06, 2017

There's a new role in c-suite: Chief of Work. Learn how the Chief of Work can improve health care in many ways by Sheetal Shah and Michelle Caldwell.

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Digital Business

Digital sales and service: time to re-think CRM

Posted by Vishal Sarkar on November 16, 2016

Avanade's Vishal Sarkar says he's impartial to the concept of “co-created” customer experiences. Read more about this evolved digital sales viewpoint.

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