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Technology Infrastructure

The three characteristics of highly effective containers

Posted by Rob Leach on August 1, 2018

Thanks to the power of containers, there’s no need to fear taking the first step in your cloud journey. Find out why.

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Technology Infrastructure

Why containers give you both short and long-term benefits

Posted by Anne Greenwald on July 10, 2018

Anne Greenwald provides four ways containers can bring clarity to your cloud journey, and in doing so deliver both immediate and ongoing benefits.

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Cloud Computing

DockerCon preview - Containers hold the key to your cloud journey

Posted by Rob Leach on June 6, 2018

Ahead of DockerCon 2018, Rob Leach explains how Docker containers make cloud transformation better, cheaper and faster.

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Cloud Computing

Cloud migration & app modernization: not an all or nothing proposition

Posted by Rob Leach on April 19, 2017

Containers can provide a quick and easy approach to app modernization, allowing you to move to the cloud faster.

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