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Artificial Intelligence

Uncovering the ROI in AI

Posted by Aaron Reich on September 28, 2018

How can an organization leverage AI services in a way that ensures that they see an ROI on their investment? Get some answers from Aaron Reich.

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Data, data everywhere and not a drop to drink

Posted by Joseph Davis on August 7, 2018

Joe Davis discusses the importance of establishing digital trust and anonymizing data in order to comply with GDPR.

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Artificial Intelligence

Why AI Is the transformational technology of the digital age

Posted by Joel Lindsey on August 2, 2018

Joel Lindsey provides 3 areas to be addressed by organizations before they attempt to make the AI “leap.”

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Artificial Intelligence

How AI improves customer experience and drives business outcomes

Posted by Tripti Sethi on July 3, 2018

What is the future of AI? How will we use AI to improve the customer experience? Tripti Sethi provides some answers.

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Artificial Intelligence

Understanding your AI maturity

Posted by Aaron Reich on April 23, 2018

What does AI maturity look like and how do you get there? Aaron Reich gives a roadmap to success.

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Artificial Intelligence

The AI winter is over

Posted by Tripti Sethi on March 28, 2018

We’ve already lived through two “AI winters” - one in the 70s and one in the 80s. What makes this time different?

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Cloud Computing

Cloud and GDPR: What are the issues?

Posted by Peter Barrett on March 16, 2018

As businesses consider the impact of GDPR, the topic of cloud service providers is starting to be discussed. Learn more about the common themes that are emerging.

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Protecting your organization’s most important assets

Posted by Larry A. Mathias and Aravind Gyanbote on March 7, 2018

Larry A. Mathias and Aravind Gyanbote discuss how Avanade ensures the safety and security of all critical assets with AAP and CDP.

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Digital Business

Every $1 spent on customer experience delivers a $3 return

Posted by Stella Goulet on March 2, 2018

Delivering great customer experience takes vision and a plan. Take Avanade's CX Trek to gauge where you stand.

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GDPR & PSD2: Will they work together?

Posted by Peter Barrett on February 21, 2018

Are there conflicts between GDPR and PSD2? Peter Barrett explores the two personal data initiatives in detail.

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