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Process automation: not as much of a secret as I thought it was

Posted by Chris Lloyd-Jones on June 16, 2017

Well, maybe process automation isn’t as secret as I thought! In a recent blog I discussed that Process Automation was the best kept secret in business transformation. On June 7, I had the opportunity to attend Blue Prism World in New York – and clearly a lot of businesses have Robotic Process Automation on their agenda right now. Starting at the...

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Bots taking digital sales and service by storm

Posted by Kathrine Lord on June 14, 2017

Bots are saving employees from repetitive tasks and allowing them to concentrate on more strategic activities that drive value and revenue.

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Retail jobs: lost and found

Posted by Jim Hay on May 11, 2017

Jim Hays shares insights from Avanade and EKN Research retail study and describes how stores (and their workforce) will change over the next few years.

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What to consider when switching your CRM to Microsoft Dynamics 365

Posted by Nancie Calder on April 06, 2017

Nancie Calder of Avanade shares the immense benefits of migrating to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and gives advice on how to make the transition a smooth one.

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Health Care

Why health care needs a chief of work

Posted by Michelle Caldwell on January 06, 2017

There's a new role in c-suite: Chief of Work. Learn how the Chief of Work can improve health care in many ways by Sheetal Shah and Michelle Caldwell.

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Digital Business

4 benefits from investing in a digital workplace

Posted by Jerome Thiebaud on December 01, 2016

Building a digital workplace will drive a new digital culture based on employee engagement and informed decisions and will help you maximize your ROI.

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Digital Business

Digital workplace analytics: are you measuring your success?

Posted by Tom Hoglund on September 06, 2016

Digital workplace analytics can help highlight relationships between usage/adoption and measures of business value, like higher employee engagement scores.

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Digital Business

Devising a roadmap to the digital workplace

Posted by Andrew Hutchins on July 28, 2016

Discover how CIOs can be true agents of business change and embrace the digital workplace in Andy Hutchins latest blog post on digital transformation.

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Digital Business

Why cultural change is key for digital transformation

Posted by Paul Bowen on July 26, 2016

Avanade's Paul Bowen says to achieve true digital transformation, organisations must manage cultural change as well as technical change.

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Today’s employees expect their employers to be digital…are you?

Posted by Jacob Parsons on June 20, 2016

It's time to ask, “What is your utilitybusiness doing to become the digital workplace of the future?” says Avanade's Jacob Parsons.

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