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Move over CX – there’s a new X in town

Posted by Jason Versluys on October 29, 2018

Jason Versluys explains why a focus on Workplace Experience (WX) is vitally important for businesses of today

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CX = EX: If you want happy customers, you need happy employees

Posted by Stella Goulet on October 22, 2018

How important is the employee experience in driving a good customer experience? Avanade CMO Stella Goulet shares research.

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Wake up to the workplace value equation

Posted by Dave Carmichael on October 15, 2018

Business is waking up to the fact that the workplace is a critical transformation enabler, the Workplace Experience has become the new frontier for competitive advantage.

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Gartner Digital Workplace Summit 2018: 3 key takeaways

Posted by Arno Nel on October 8, 2018

Arno Nel highlights the three most important takeways from recent Gartner Digtial Workplace Summit in London.

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Health Care

A more secure and collaborative path to better health outcomes

Posted by Tom Hoglund on September 19, 2018

Learn more about how moving to the cloud can be an opportunity to increase both collaboration and compliance for hospitals while creating an environment that improves patient care.

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Workplace experience (WX) premieres at Gartner Summit

Posted by Dave Carmichael on September 17, 2018

Dave Carmichael discusses the new workplace experience of today, and how Avanade will be discussing the topic at the upcoming Gartner Digital Workplace Summit.

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Artificial Intelligence

Bot-building 101: Lessons from the Avanade Bot Center

Posted by Edwin Jongsma on August 17, 2018

Learn more about the recent launch of Avanade’s Bot Center, where we’re putting people at the heart of bot technology.

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CIOs have the keys to ignite a great employee experience

Posted by Connor Hughes on August 15, 2018

Connor Hughes discusses putting the hearts and minds of the employee at the centre of digital transformation.

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Digital Business

Getting to know Office 365. How do we unlock the value?

Posted by Stanley Louw on June 14, 2018

Stanley Louw shares tips on transforming employee experience and unlocking business value with Office 365.

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How retailers empower their frontline for customer experience

Posted by Gianluca Marcellino on April 30, 2018

Gianluca Marcellino is joined by special guests from Incisiv to discuss how CX is intricately linked to, reliant on and powered by retailers’ frontline associates.

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