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Business Apps

A traditional sales workforce vs. a digital sales workforce

Posted by Ruven Gotz and Tom Hoglund on April 14, 2016

Find out how a digital sales force is different from a traditional one.

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Digital Business

Legacy IT and the threat to creativity

Posted by Andrew Hutchins on April 11, 2016

Legacy IT systems in the workplace are proving to be a sizeable block to levels of creativity and productivity.

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Digital Business

Microsoft is bridging the app gap with Windows 10

Posted by Avanade News on November 5, 2015

Learn how Windows 10 makes it easy for Android and iOS app developers to publish their apps to Windows via “app bridges”.

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Digital Business

Work from your phone with Windows 10 continuum

Posted by Avanade News on August 17, 2015

Microsoft is drastically changing the role of the smartphone at the workstation with Continuum.

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Platforms are disruptive: is your business ready?

Posted by Ruven Gotz on August 13, 2015

Learn what platforms are, how they work and why its crucial for established businesses to get clued in before getting run over.

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Data and Analytics

Driving touch-enabled analytics with Microsoft Datazen acquisition

Posted by Ed Bobrin on April 14, 2015

It is exciting to see the Microsoft Datazen acquisition, integrating Power BI and delivering compelling data visualizations to users across devices.

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Is the mouse dead?

Posted by Aaron Reich on July 13, 2012

Is Windows 8 and the lineup of new devices that utilize touch and gesture killing the computer mouse?

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