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Technology Infrastructure

Azure Stack is a game changer in hybrid cloud

Posted by Jason Hardy on June 15, 2017

Jason Hardy of Avanade believes the benefits of Azure Stack are game changers for hybrid cloud. Read his blog to learn why.

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Digital Business

Driving extreme business value from Robotic Process Automation

Posted by Bernadette Harkin on May 15, 2017

Ready to drive business value from Robotics Process Automation (RPA)? Bernadette Harkin of Avanade shares tactics on how to get there.

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Data and Analytics

Microsoft supercharges Power BI with new features

Posted by Ed Bobrin on May 08, 2017

Microsoft is making a splash with newly released Power BI features. Learn more about Power BI Premium and its innovative data and analytics capabilities.

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Business of Technology

Time to cast a spotlight on Shadow IT

Posted by Bernadette Harkin on May 02, 2017

Avanade's Bernadette Harkin gives four key suggestions on tackling Shadow IT scenarios in your organization.

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Robotic Process Automation is here, say goodbye to repetitive tasks

Posted by Eric Bouguen on April 18, 2017

Robotic Process Automation encompasses all technologies, products and processes used to automate repetitive computer capture tasks. What will you automate?

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Digital Business

6 things to consider when addressing corporate digital ethics

Posted by Caroline Evans on March 08, 2017

Caroline Evans of Avanade shares 6 key elements to consider when addressing corporate digital ethics. Are you ready to start the digital ethics discussion?

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Are business processes and apps really linked in your ERP system?

Posted by Michael Merfeld on January 25, 2017

Michael Merfeld shares key points for making sure business applications reflect and drive your actual business processes using ERP.

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Technology Infrastructure

How on earth do you “do” IT modernization?

Posted by Leigh Schvartz on December 05, 2016

Avanade's Leigh Schvartz breaks down IT modernization in the simplest way possible. Uncover the business benefits of Avanade's New Economics of IT approach.

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New Dynamics 365 platform combines CRM and ERP functionality

Posted by Roman Antchik on November 14, 2016

On November 1, Microsoft launched Dynamics 365 - the next generation of the award-winning cloud CRM and ERP software, highlights shared by Roman Antchik.

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Cloud Computing

Cloud – it’s all about the apps

Posted by Rob Leach on October 12, 2016

Cloud migration in the works? All your applications don’t belong in the cloud, at least not in the first phase of a cloud journey says Avanade's Rob Leach.

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