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Identity Conversations Part 2: Getting your authorization strategy right

Posted by Arno Zwegers AND Brandon Nolan on March 25, 2021

Part 2 of our Identity blog series focused on authorization and the importance of a good authorization strategy.


Artificial Intelligence

The importance of an AI strategy

Posted by Aaron Reich on May 7, 2019

What are the components of an AI strategy, especially if you've already got numerous projects underway? Aaron Reich provides some guidance.



Workplace experience: Why evergreen is everything

Posted by Brad Gephart on November 26, 2018

Learn how organizations are shifting to a new, holistic approach to managing people, processes and technology – they’re focusing on workplace experience (WX).


Cloud Computing

Before the move to the cloud, businesses should understand the context

Posted by Avanade News on June 29, 2015

This article was originally written by Avanade alum Scott Burgess. The cloud is one of the biggest technological changes since the birth of the internet as well as being one of the most talked about. In most industries it has become a part of everyday business language and with each utterance of the word ‘cloud', pressure builds on IT decisio...


Managed Services

When does outsourcing become managed services?

Posted by Dave Carmichael on July 24, 2013

Ask a hundred ‘experts’ about managed services and you’ll probably get a hundred different answers. But (and it’s an important ‘but’), you should see some trends and consistency in the responses. For those of us that work and live in the space, it’s an increasingly important subject. Outsourcing has been around as a term since the late 1980’s; spec...


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