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Predictive and prescriptive analytics gains foothold with fashion retail

Posted by Benoit Morache on June 09, 2017

The fashion industry is turning towards data analytics to predict demand, assortments, inventory turns and other underlying omnichannel trends.

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Business of Technology

5 reasons why CIOs need to prepare for Brexit and modernise it

Posted by Paul Bowen on May 23, 2017

Nearly half of IT directors don’t have a plan for Brexit. CIOs must plan accordingly. Paul Bowen shares top priorities as well as action items to take.

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Retail jobs: lost and found

Posted by Jim Hay on May 11, 2017

Jim Hays shares insights from Avanade and EKN Research retail study and describes how stores (and their workforce) will change over the next few years.

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Avanade Spotlight

Today’s workforce: augment or bust!

Posted by John Stockton on March 02, 2017

John Stockton of Avanade discusses the reality of an augmented workforce. John reminds us: workers want to make a difference – or they will look elsewhere.

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Technology Infrastructure

How empathy and change enablement help reduce security risk

Posted by Joseph Davis on February 22, 2017

Joseph Davis of Avanade believes empathy may be the key for us to truly understand how users interact with security functions on a computing device.

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Artificial intelligence vs. machine learning: battle of the minds

Posted by Jamal Khawaja on January 24, 2017

Avanade's Jamal Khawaja breaks down the similarities and differences between Artificial Intelligence vs. Machine Learning. Brush up on your knowledge!

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Data and Analytics

Your journey towards big data & advanced analytic

Posted by Ali El Maghraoui on January 05, 2017

Digital transformation to big data and advanced analytics can be easy: make sure you do the right things, and make sure you do them the right way.

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New Dynamics 365 platform combines CRM and ERP functionality

Posted by Roman Antchik on November 14, 2016

On November 1, Microsoft launched Dynamics 365 - the next generation of the award-winning cloud CRM and ERP software, highlights shared by Roman Antchik.

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Cloud Computing

The path to cloud application modernization

Posted by Rob Leach on October 20, 2016

Avanade's Rob Leach shares the importance of how an overall cloud transformation approach supports long-term business and technology vision.

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Digital Business

Bridging customer experiences for improved loyalty and satisfaction

Posted by Avanade News on April 07, 2016

Avanade experts weigh in on a question many marketers face today: how to bridge online-to-offline customer experiences for improved loyalty and satisfaction.

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