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Why front-end customer service relies on backend operations

Posted by Nick Lefkonidjates on June 14, 2017

For the omnichannel experience to become a success, front-end platforms must align perfectly with back-end operations and systems such as ERP.

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Achieving ROI from Robotic Process Automation in financial services

Posted by Ananda Bose on May 24, 2017

Ananda Bose of Avanade answers burning questions on achieving ROI with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in financial services.

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The role of ERP in retail has changed

Posted by David Vitak on March 16, 2017

ERP in retail has changed from an integrated system for conducting day-to-day tasks to providing a dynamic, unified, and strategic view of the business.

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Digital Business

Your companion on the omni-channel journey

Posted by Ismael Quteifan on February 10, 2017

Consumer behaviour keeps changing and businesses must keep up. Avanade's Ismael Quteifan shares modern omni-channel strategy using Microsoft ecosystem.

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Are business processes and apps really linked in your ERP system?

Posted by Michael Merfeld on January 25, 2017

Michael Merfeld shares key points for making sure business applications reflect and drive your actual business processes using ERP.

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Health Care

Why health care needs a chief of work

Posted by Michelle Caldwell on January 06, 2017

There's a new role in c-suite: Chief of Work. Learn how the Chief of Work can improve health care in many ways by Sheetal Shah and Michelle Caldwell.

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Technology Infrastructure

Are CIOs prepared to modernise their IT operations?

Posted by Paul Bowen on December 08, 2016

In a business environment where CIOs are constantly asked to reduce budget and drive innovation, it's critical to have a IT modernisation approach in place.

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3 digital workplace productivity tools for retail store environments

Posted by Krishnan Rajaram on September 28, 2016

Avanade's Krishnan Rajaram gives tips on introducing digital workplace productivity tools into store environments. Start small and expand as ROI improves.

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Cloud Computing

Modernize IT operations to truly unlock the promise of cloud

Posted by David Gnall on September 07, 2016

Consider modernizing the operations of IT in order to truly unlock the promise of cloud in your enterprise says Avanade's David Gnall.

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Why you need to think of your digital retail strategy as an iceberg

Posted by Marcos Suarez Fernandez on July 19, 2016

Marcos Suarez Fernandez shares how to implement Avanade's six pillars for digital retail success to build a robust, complete digital retail strategy.

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