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How data-driven sales teams will continue to win

Posted by Nancie Calder on June 02, 2017

Businesses need a platform that equips salespeople with the relevant, actionable big data insights they need, when they need it the most.

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Digital Business

How LinkedIn makes sellers more effective in today's digital world

Posted by Tom Hoglund and Tony Obregon on May 18, 2017

Avanade digital workplace SMEs describe how LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool is helping to make sellers more effective in today's digital world.

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Digital Business

Great employee experiences = great customer experiences

Posted by Annette Giardina on January 31, 2017

Differentiation comes from a great customer experience, and it is achievable when it is backed by a great employee experience.

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Digital Business

Top tips for reducing the cost of sales & service with digital

Posted by Vishal Sarkar on November 04, 2016

Implementing digital tech is part of digital business transformation. Learn how digital can reduce the cost of sales and service.

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The only game in town for your digital business: Dynamics 365

Posted by Jackie Cheng on October 31, 2016

With advanced analytics and data visualization capabilities, new Dynamics 365 enables business critical insights any place any time.

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Data and Analytics

The first rule of Big Data

Posted by Jamal Khawaja on October 25, 2016

Food for thought: the potential for abuse of Big Data is enormous, even as it promises a better tomorrow, Jamal Khawaja of Avanade shares what this means.

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Digital Business

Digital workplace analytics: are you measuring your success?

Posted by Tom Hoglund on September 06, 2016

Digital workplace analytics can help highlight relationships between usage/adoption and measures of business value.

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Digital Business

3 pitfalls to avoid for a successful e-commerce project

Posted by Jakob Leander on August 02, 2016

To be successful, e-commerce projects require close cooperation between marketing and IT.

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Digital Business

Sales and service strategies are shaping IT buying considerations

Posted by Avanade News on July 13, 2016

IT buying is about integration of multiple hardware and software components to meet the changing expectations of the digital customer.

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Digital Business

Staying competitive with the digital transformation of sales

Posted by Avanade News on June 30, 2016

Digital transformation is creating an increasingly complex sales environment, presenting both challenges and opportunities.

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