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Fortune favours the ‘bold’ with digital transformation

Posted by Darren Hardman on January 18, 2017

Avanade UK GM Darren Hardman shares client examples of digital transformation; it's not always easy, he says, but the benefits can no longer be ignored.

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Technology Infrastructure

4 questions that cios need to ask about it modernisation

Posted by Paul Bowen on November 18, 2016

CIOs are adopting a bi-modal approach to IT modernization: keeping their companies moving, while allowing for more innovation.

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Technology Infrastructure

What are the New Economics of IT?

Posted by Julian Tomison on August 18, 2016

According to Avanade's New Economics of IT, new technology must be introduced in tandem with the maintenance of existing systems.

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Cloud Computing

Getting IaaS right is your recipe for cloud success

Posted by Steve Hunter on August 16, 2016

Why do some companies see IT costs rise after moving to cloud?

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Technology Infrastructure

5 reasons to love ITIL

Posted by Avanade News on March 23, 2016

ITIL was started over 25 years ago in the public sector and there’s been nothing better since. It is the best service management option available, and it is recognised by chapters of the IT Service Management Foundation across the world.

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10 symptoms that your identity management is vulnerable

Posted by Avanade News on December 8, 2015

Ten symptoms to look out for if your identity management is vulnerable.

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Technology Infrastructure

Windows Server 2003 migration: it's all about the apps

Posted by Vinay Ramkumar on February 19, 2015

Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 has ended. Are you ready to migrate to a new platform?

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