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Three reasons Microsoft 365 is a great thing for enterprises

Posted by Scott Waymack on July 14, 2017

Microsoft 365 brings together three essential ingredients for a modern workplace – Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS).

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Azure Stack is a game changer in hybrid cloud

Posted by Jason Hardy on June 15, 2017

Jason Hardy of Avanade believes the benefits of Azure Stack are game changers for hybrid cloud. Read his blog to learn why.

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How to make an IT modernization business case

Posted by Dave Carmichael on June 12, 2017

Big IT modernization projects require a big investment. To justify that big investment requires a business case that demonstrates a worthwhile ROI.

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The 3 stages on the journey to application modernization

Posted by Leigh Schvartz on April 25, 2017

Discover the 3 stages of an application modernization journey from Avanade's Leigh Schvartz: legacy, conventional and modernized.

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Windows 10 Creators update: the top 4 benefits for businesses

Posted by Scott Waymack on April 13, 2017

Avanade's Scott Waymack shares exciting Windows 10 creator updates. Ready to move to Windows 10? Scott reveals 4 major benefits to making the move.

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IT modernization: as exciting as artificial intelligence?

Posted by Dave Carmichael on April 05, 2017

Move over AI, wearables and IoT. IT modernization is very much the next big thing IT leaders need to think about. The reason? Find out from Dave Carmichael.

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How empathy and change enablement help reduce security risk

Posted by Joseph Davis on February 22, 2017

Joseph Davis of Avanade believes empathy may be the key for us to truly understand how users interact with security functions on a computing device.

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Are CIOs prepared to modernise their IT operations?

Posted by Paul Bowen on December 08, 2016

In a business environment where CIOs are constantly asked to reduce budget and drive innovation, it's critical to have a IT modernisation approach in place.

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How on earth do you “do” IT modernization?

Posted by Leigh Schvartz on December 05, 2016

Avanade's Leigh Schvartz breaks down IT modernization in the simplest way possible. Uncover the business benefits of Avanade's New Economics of IT approach.

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4 questions that cios need to ask about it modernisation

Posted by Paul Bowen on November 18, 2016

CIOs are adopting a bi-modal approach to IT modernisation, which ensures they're able to keep their companies moving, while allowing for more innovation.

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