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How sustainable is your technology and operations?

Posted by Miranda Hill AND Chris Lloyd-Jones on May 25, 2023

Miranda Hill and Chris Lloyd-Jones discuss how organizations can monitor the carbon impacts of their technology and optimize their IT infrastructure and operations.


Are you ready for your hybrid cloud journey?

Posted by Ross Kelly on March 27, 2023

Why now is the perfect time to start your hybrid cloud journey with Avanade and partnered with Equinix.


Warning: Your on-premises technology is on the verge of extinction

Posted by Keith Hudgell AND Nathan Boddam-Whetham on November 8, 2022

Find out how Avanade’s migration strategy can help you avoid the costs and risks of end-of-life technology and open new opportunities for future workplace innovation.


3 steps to identifying emerging technologies that create business value

Posted by Cristy Stone on March 10, 2022

In a world of continual change, it is necessary to explore and filter, assess, and then invest in emerging technologies to be resilient and adaptive.


Can digital decoupling turn IT organisations into heroes?

Posted by Ben Leane on September 13, 2021

Find out how Digital Decoupling provides an interim measure and buy you time to develop a robust migration strategy.


Three strategies to bridge your IT talent gap

Posted by Paul Phillips on April 9, 2020

Paul Phillips explains how HR professionals must use smart tactics and proven strategies to help their companies bridge the IT talent gap effectively and gain an edge on the competition.


5 trends every CIO should be aware of in 2020

Posted by Chris Lloyd-Jones on February 7, 2020

Chris Lloyd-Jones gives his 2020 predictions regarding technology trends that will redefine the workplace.


Digital decoupling: Legacy technology doesn’t have to hold you back

Posted by Eric Matz AND Geetha Gandhi on December 20, 2019

Eric Matz and Geetha Gandhi explain how legacy technology can sometimes hold companies from growth or competitiveness and provide solutions to implement, like Digital Decoupling, to avoid the trap.


3 cultural considerations to get from monolith to microservices

Posted by Jeremy Kolpak on November 6, 2019

Jeremy Kolpak shares 3 key cultural aspects of microservices that must be considered when architecting complex business solutions.


Legacy and IT modernization: You call this a love story?

Posted by Avanade News on February 14, 2019

Like mismatched lovers coming to terms with their differences, legacy and modern IT pros in enterprise IT have their own differences to reconcile. Learn more from Rob Asen.


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