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  • Posted on March 27, 2023
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Hybrid cloud journey with Avanade & Equinix

What is Hybrid Cloud? It’s a term often bandied around these days, but what does it mean and why do we think it’s important?

Our vision for Hybrid Cloud leverages the benefits of public cloud when available, and when it makes sense, but also integrates the data residency and performance benefits that Private Cloud can offer as well.

We recognise that public cloud can’t always be the answer immediately and that for many customers private cloud needs to be part of platform infrastructure, for a limited number of workloads, for some time to come.

The critical success factor is not losing the benefits of either through adopting incompatible or inefficient solutions. Customers need to be able to operate seamlessly across the private/public domains in a truly Hybrid model that gives the best of both worlds.

From operating our own Private Cloud, we know the technical limitations legacy datacentres impose on choosing and building the most advanced, software defined architecture possible which is why we chose to base our platforms with Equinix and its global network of modern, sustainable datacentres.

Sustainability is key when you consider the environmental impact outdated datacentres have on our ability to meeting new and evolving sustainability goals. New, private cloud services need to be deployed in modern, sustainable datacentres.

The challenge, and opportunity in these competing priorities is how to deliver modern, software defined datacentres within todays constrained budgetary environment.

From a business perspective, an efficient Hybrid Cloud operating model should be seen as critical component in achieving genuine agility and delivering a platform to innovate the enterprise. Being able to adapt and switch direction quickly is a core principle of a digital business and technical challenges in the platform cannot be an impediment to change.

These factors are what make it the right time for Avanade, in collaboration with our partner Equinix to bring Private Cloud as a Service (PCaaS) to the market.

Our PCaaS solution is a secure, private cloud platform leveraging Microsoft Hyperconverged Infrastructure for a software-defined datacentre, operating in a true hybrid model and bundled with connectivity to the Hyperscale clouds and customers critical business partners.

With PCaaS we can remove the pain of hardware procurement, lifecycle, integration and management and offer the benefits of software-defined datacentres integrated seamlessly with Microsoft Azure.

Our expertise in running private cloud services in Equinix’s modern, sustainable datacentres combined with their unrivalled connectivity to the public cloud and your partners will create an innovation platform for the future.

For more information, please read this fact sheet or email us.

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