Three reasons Microsoft 365 is a great thing for enterprises

  • Posted on July 14, 2017
Microsoft 365

At Microsoft Inspire earlier this week, Microsoft 365 was announced by Satya Nadella. Microsoft 365 brings together three essential ingredients for a modern workplace – Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS). The keen-eyed reader will note that this combination of products has been available from Microsoft for a while now, under the guise of the Secure Productive Enterprise, but Microsoft 365 being announced in this way, on this stage, signifies a strategic shift away from a SKU bundle and more towards a total solution.

Microsoft 365 is set to be available in two sizes - making it more accessible to small businesses than Secure Productive Enterprise was – so clearly a good thing. But here are three reasons why I think this announcement is also great for enterprises.

#1 We’ve seen clients asking for this type of simplification and easier consumption

In some research we conducted earlier this year, 78% of senior IT decision makers agreed that the best way to implement productivity tools was via one integrated suite, from one vendor. And if your users are most accustomed to Microsoft office products such as Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint then who better to protect that data than the company that authored those products?

Clients often ask us for help in providing more business agility, while maintaining a simpler cost profile and management process. We’ve actually already delivered this solution for Bonava, a European home builder. Utilizing Windows 10, Office 365 + EMS provided the mobile-first and cloud-first infrastructure the company wanted that would enable secure anywhere, anytime network access – as well as enabling both employee and vendor collaboration.

#2 The Microsoft 365 suite improves security

‘Assumed breach’ mentality was some of the key design criteria for Windows 10, and a variety of ever-increasing security technologies focused on hardening device, driver, and application execution, and it’s being enabled by default on the latest releases. Office 365 provides data protection and email spam/virus protection in a number of ways, reducing the most likely way to receive and propagate viruses and ransomware. EMS provides a wrapper across identity, data, and application access using InTune, Azure Active Directory, and other technologies like Azure Information Protection. Combined with Office 365 and Windows 10, this allows people to securely collaborate jointly in a mobile way across devices and firewalls providing the digital workplace experience that many workers just expect today.

#3 Better aligned software, means easier planning

With Microsoft now aligning key components such as Office 365 ProPlus and Windows 10 release intervals (planned for March and September of each year), Microsoft is simplifying not only the deployment but also the overall planning and end user impact of very visible and pervasive software for the end user. This helps provide much more coordination for planning, design, testing, and deployment activities.

This likely isn’t the last set of changes to the servicing schedules or terminologies as Microsoft has really shortened the feedback loop for implementing changes- which is a very good thing! However, keeping up with all the changes and their impacts on the Microsoft and related tooling can be a significant effort for many businesses as they expand their cloud footprint as well as managing the continuous testing and rollout schedules across their various business units. We help manage over 1 million workplace seats and have migrated over 5 million seats to Office 365, more than any other partner. We do this so our clients can stay focused on their digital transformation journey.

For more information on our offerings in relation to Microsoft 365 products, visit our cloud solutions homepage.

Rajesh Nair

Oh... this is an interesting blog post! When I saw this topic, it really thought me to know how Microsoft 365 would be a great thing for enterprises and what might be the reasons. So, I clicked to read. You're absolutely correct that Microsoft 365 with three essential ingredients is really jackpot for a modern workplace. Also, I really enjoyed reading this blog post and the three points are very much helpful. Thanks!

November 20, 2017

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