Windows 10 Creators update: the top 4 benefits for businesses

  • Posted on April 13, 2017

Windows 10 Creators Update

If you are one of the businesses already reaping the rewards of Windows 10, then Microsoft’s recent Creators update will likely be no surprise to you. For those who aren’t, a brief recap, this is Microsoft’s third feature update in their new Windows-as-a-service model, Microsoft’s new method of improving Windows over time rather than with big-bang releases. They do this using the feedback they receive via the Windows Insider Program.

We wanted to highlight in this blog post the key enhancements made, which we think will benefit the business audience the most, as there have been important tweaks benefiting both security and user productivity  [CLICK TO TWEET].

1. Enhanced security with a side of cloud integration

Importantly in today’s security-focused world, Windows 10 sees enhancements made to Defender Antivirus and Defender ATP, enabling them to better integrate with the cloud in a more seamless manner. ATP now can give custom threat intelligence alerts and Antivirus includes the ability to leverage the cloud to scan downloaded files leveraging new Block at First Sight capabilities.

2. Security now becoming easier and more transparent than ever for the end user

Windows Hello sees a few improvements, firstly with faster facial recognition and easier setup for users utilizing a series of new visual cues – helping users get to productivity faster. But improvements now mean that organizations can leverage Windows Hello even if using on premises versions of Active Directory.

Dynamic lock has also been introduced as part of Windows Hello, which allows automatic screen locking when a tethered Bluetooth device or phone roams too far from the keyboard. A clever update not only makes the security experience more transparent for the user, but helps keep corporate data out of the wrong hands.

3. Improving the end user working experience

Multi-tasking gets a whole lot easier on Windows 10 as it now has Picture in Picture support (CompactOverlay), allowing you to keep your Skype meeting pinned to the screen while you work away in another app. For the night owls amongst us, Windows 10 adds a blue light reduction mode similar to iOS and Android. And finally Paint gets a welcome update to 3D – allowing users easy access to be able to create 3D images.

There are also updates to Cortana to help with easier setting of recurring reminders and updates to Edge to allow saving of tabs and tab previews. The start menu also gets more customization options, like folders concepts aimed at improving work productivity.

4. More control for IT pros

Windows-as-a-service, of course, a major theme of Windows 10, has been improved with better controls over timing of update deployment as part of Windows Update for Business.

Enhanced MDM support means easier transition for support of Modern Management, including enhancements to Azure AD joined machines. This makes it easier for end users to bring consumer devices into the environment, perform application installations as well as screen layout options.

Overall these announcements make Windows 10 even stronger in the areas of security and productivity. We’ve deployed Windows 10 at a number of large clients now with many bragging about the seamless transition from home to work including easier security that just works, more mobility options, and just overall better end user experience with less waiting and awesome new device options.

If you haven’t made the move to Windows 10 yet, or are thinking about it, learn more about Avanade’s approach, recent highlights at Microsoft Ignite, and about some of our key clients.

Bean Smith

Windows 10 has many features added such as Cortana and added benefits of powerful security.

November 15, 2018

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