Time to stop playing darts in the dark

  • Posted on February 7, 2023
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Avanade X brings strategy and technology

Imagine asking your employees to play darts in the dark. If they are not getting the scores you want, you could bring in technology – and give them headlamps. Or you could turn on the light.

My job is to turn on the light.

If you are a company looking for success in 2023, how your employees feel about their jobs has to be a top concern. Creating a work environment in which your employees feel valued, one that allows them to grow professionally and be their best selves at work, is likely one of your top priorities. Because if employees are engaged and find their work fulfilling, they are more likely to create great experiences for their customers, which in turn builds exceptional customer loyalty and boosts company success.

As Workplace Experience Lead for Avanade X in North America, my team and I help companies do just that.

Avanade X brings strategy and technology together in a way that delivers business-aligned and industry-aligned outcomes. Avanade X allows us to offer our clients more.

Headlamps or bright lights?
It’s not surprising that, given our technology roots, if a client had a business problem, we would often reach for technology first. Have a business problem? Here’s technology to solve it. That now seems like playing darts in the dark.

Instead, consider the potential of Avanade X when it comes to workplace experiences. Let’s think how people’s relationship to their job has changed. In many industries, the balance of power has completely shifted. Employers used to count on the promise of a paycheck to keep their employees loyal, but that doesn’t work today. If people, particularly younger workers, aren’t happy on the job, they will quit.

To recruit and retain the workforce you need to operate and grow, you must engage your employees in a meaningful way. You have to turn on the light.

Today, our Avanade X team takes a people-first approach, digs deeply into employees’ roles, how they do their jobs, what they would like to be able to do and more. Based on our research, we then can design a system that not only solves the immediate problem, but also illuminates opportunities for more impactful transformation.

Once your people are aligned to your company’s purpose, when you give them the tools to make decisions and trust them to make good ones, people will care more about their job. They will be more invested in the outcome of their work and the success of their company.

They will be playing the game with all the lights on.

Learn how Avanade used Avanade X to help insurance giant HUB empower its brokers with astounding results.

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