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  • Posted on June 16, 2017

Digital Workplace Experience DWEXP

We live in the age of the digital device, where we can manage our bank accounts, order a taxi, or even buy a new summer wardrobe almost instantly. The high standards of digital technologies in our personal lives are now working their way into the office – young recruits now expect to find similar levels of seamless user experience and access to information as they would outside of the office. Indeed, over half of employees expect to be working in a smart office in the next five years and over 80% of millennials say workplace tech would influence their decision on whether or not to take a job.

Employees need and want digital technologies

But it’s not just employees that appreciate the benefits of a digital workplace. The majority (78%) of businesses are seeing an increase in productivity as they equip employees with new digital technologies (anything from a smartphone to a VR headset). And major savings are being realized too: Avanade recently implemented a digital transformation project for employees at a national bank, saving the business over $30 million.

As the advantages of equipping employees with digital technologies surface, businesses are coming to recognize their importance.  To shed light on how to build a successful digital workplace, Avanade, together with Microsoft, will be speaking at the Digital Workplace Experience (DWEXP), a leading US digital workplace conference, where businesses from all over the world will be sharing their best practices, bold ideas and the latest research in the field. Brands from Ikea to Estée Lauder, General Electric, World Bank and Cargill, will be discussing the outcomes of their internal digital transformations – sessions that I’m particularly looking forward to!

Four themes central to a successful digital workplace will run through the conference: Strategy and Governance, Culture and Change, Employee Experience, and the Intelligent Workplace. The strategy track will be especially valuable to companies at the start of their journey as well as early adopters of digital in the workplace – sessions will advise on how to build long term frameworks that bring business value.

Lessons from the big players

Too many companies are focusing purely on implementing new technologies while dismissing the cultural aspect. Meanwhile, they express frustration when user adoption doesn’t pick up. A digital workplace is really about changing employee behaviors and the way they work, and sessions in the Culture and Change track will explain different approaches to a successful implementation.

This goes hand-in-hand with Employee Experience – to increase productivity and collaboration, creating an engaging digital experience for users is essential. Importantly, this requires an understanding of the level of adoption of tools and how they are being used. Avanade will be demoing a workplace analytics solution that shows just this, which is helping organizations to identify relationships between user adoption and business goals, such as higher employee engagement or improved sales quotas.

With the right tools, businesses can also speed up their processes and increase productivity to get ahead of competition. In an interactive workshop, Michelle Caldwell, Avanade’s Digital Workplace Lead for North America, will explain how digital workplace strategies are helping achieve these objectives as well as trends affecting the future of the digital workplace.

In a dynamic session, Paul Miller, CEO and Founder of the Digital Workplace Group, will be quizzing Avanade and Microsoft on our experiences in the field – I’ll be on the panel as well. The combination of Microsoft’s strong tech expertise with Avanade’s real-world experience of implementing strategy and change will surely make for an insightful session.

As big tech players continue to break digital boundaries and expand into new business areas, the benchmark for both consumer and employee experience is constantly being raised. To secure and retain talent in a highly competitive environment, businesses will need to adapt and embrace digital technologies in the workplace. Learn top strategies and vital lessons from the high performers by joining us at DWEXP.

DWEXP will take place from 19 - 21 June at the Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel of Chicago. Whether you are leading your company’s digital workplace program, or are simply interested in learning more, we look forward to meeting you there!

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