Workplace experience – the ideal proving ground for your cloud journey

  • Posted on February 17, 2020
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Few IT professionals need convincing of the transformative impact the cloud can have on their business. Irish organisations are no different – most are well aware of how the cloud can unleash greater efficiency, improved innovation potential and build better experiences for customers and employees.

But another universal truth when it comes to cloud migration is that it’s rarely a simple, serene process. From operating models and consumption forecasts through to obstacles like security and governance – cloud migration asks a lot of every organisation.

Get your migration moving
One of the ways that indigenous Irish organisations are beginning their cloud journeys is by looking to introduce cloud platforms into the workplace. Rather than focusing on critical line of business applications initially, workplace platforms that improve employee experiences can be a powerful and productive first step on a broader cloud journey.

This approach allows you to explore the benefits the cloud can offer – including employee and customer experiences, increased collaboration, new ways of working, platform modernisation, and improved operational efficiency. Those tangible returns can then be used to justify pressing ahead with a broader cloud transformation, extending to other areas of the business.

Building modern workplace momentum
This iterative approach to the cloud is particularly relevant in Ireland today – and especially so when it comes to the workplace.

Unemployment is very low in Ireland currently. When combined with net migration into the country, there’s intense competition for talent. Employees expect the same level of functionality and ease of use in the workplace as they enjoy in their personal lives. But not every company is able to deliver the type of employee experience that attracts the best talent and gives employees the ability to maximise their skills.

Many Irish companies lack a comprehensive and holistic approach to the workplace. They’re not only battling to deliver a powerful employee experience, but wrestling with other levers across the workplace arena – like culture, security, automation and AI, and physical workspaces.

By addressing these interconnected levers as part of a more comprehensive and holistic approach – which we call Workplace Experience (WX) – organisations can redefine the workplace as a creator of sustainable business value.

WX – a competitive, cloud-enabled advantage
I can see four scenarios that demonstrate this reciprocal relationship – where the cloud empowers Workplace Experience and the workplace showcases the potential of the cloud.

Platforms: first, cloud-powered Microsoft workplace platforms like Teams open up new ways for employees to collaborate and work – concentrating a range of productivity-driving tools in one solution.

Evergreen IT: then there’s the cloud-native, evergreen nature of workplace platforms, which allows your workplace to keep pace with your organisation’s evolution – whatever its nature and speed. This agility enables continual change within the organisation, but it demands new operating models too.

Security: the cloud also makes it simpler to reinforce and elevate your workplace security – which is of central importance for every organisation right now. It can build confidence in workplace platforms and data security, as well as helping you effectively manage risk and compliance.

Data and AI: finally, as the amount of workplace data we’re generating spirals and the adoption of automation, AI and IoT surges, the cloud has a prominent role to play. Cloud-native platforms can help you to overcome silos and connect the various pieces of the workplace data puzzle. Take Power BI for example – which helps you to gather data from various platforms and develop an accurate view of workplace performance.

Hear it direct from MIT CISR
In a recent report , the MIT Sloan Center for Information Systems Research established the link between digital transformation and employee experience. The study suggests that employee experience is critical in setting the trajectory of an organisation’s digital transformation and is therefore central to unlocking the value of technology investments. But the report also suggests that operational capabilities are crucial – which is why the cloud is so vital.

Next month, we are hosting a C-level roundtable discussion, which will be moderated by the MIT CISR’s research scientist Dr. Nils Fonstad. The intimate event – which takes place on March 12th in Dublin – will provide attendees with knowledge and practical tips on:

  • How to future-ready your people and build an innovation culture
  • The strategies top performing companies employ to drive business value from EX, including case study examples
  • Best-practice frameworks and investment approaches to make a compelling business case for employee experience

For more information and to request a place at the roundtable, head to the event page and fill in your details. Spaces are limited, so register now to avoid disappointment.

And if you can’t attend the event, but would like to know more about how Workplace Experience can kickstart your cloud journey, visit our dedicated page:

1The Employee Experience of Digital Business Transformation, Nick van der Meulen, Kristine Dery, MIT Sloan Center for Information Systems Research (CISR)

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