3 key SharePoint Syntex and Project Cortex insights

  • Posted on October 22, 2020
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sharepoint syntax project cortex insights

Training custom machine learning algorithms is hard work. You need to understand and process a unique universe of content. And that requires data science skillsets and infrastructure, which was outside the reach of most organizations.

But the release of Microsoft SharePoint Syntex changes everything. Now, powerful, custom machine learning is accessible to every organization. SharePoint Syntex not only processes and understands enterprise content – it can transform that content into useful, contextualized knowledge.

Avanade’s close partnership with Microsoft means we’re a preferred member of the Microsoft 365 Content Services Partner Program. This gives us exclusive early access to products, so we’ve been able to work with forward-thinking clients over the last six months to preview SharePoint Syntex and Microsoft Cortex. In fact, we’re already among the leaders in the number of consultants who have completed Microsoft’s Project Cortex training.

During our early access, and while working with the platforms on live client challenges, we’ve gathered several insights and learnings. Below, we’ve listed out our top three key insights:

  1. Focus on value instead of technology. Microsoft’s new AI products provide a revolutionary set of enterprise capabilities that enhance experiences, improve workplace innovation and simplify knowledge management. By introducing these solutions, Microsoft has reframed the question you need to ask when it comes to workplace AI. Instead of asking: “What can we do with machine learning?” enterprises can now ask, “What do we need to get done?”

  2. Build proofs of concept and scale. To help clients explore this new world, we’ve embraced design-led thinking techniques to help clients identify ideal high-value use cases and initial proofs of concept. By tackling those compelling conundrums early on, our clients can show the value that can be unlocked through new capabilities like SharePoint Syntex and build a compelling case for broader adoption.

  3. Uncover the unknown unknowns. LUMA-certified design facilitators have helped clients understand where Microsoft’s Cortex suite can reveal knowledge and insights that were otherwise concealed inside inaccessible content and expertise. Finding those “unknown unknown” knowledge transfer opportunities can deliver profound business impacts.

Making machine-enabled intelligence real
In March, Avanade facilitated a knowledge and insights ideation workshop for a client that faced expansive document collections that were difficult to search – a common problem. An aging and retiring workforce meant that knowledge was slipping out of the organization. Meanwhile, those who knew where to locate related knowledge were leaving, too.

In the workshop, we helped this client uncover some of the most pressing knowledge issues it faced. We built a set of use cases with clear business value, along with near-term scenarios to use as proofs of concept. After successfully testing and proving out the use cases, the client is now ready to apply these joint learnings to more complex industry-centric scenarios. And, as a result, the organization is now exploring rolling Cortex out across the enterprise.

Discover the opportunities Cortex holds in store for you
To learn more about Project Cortex, SharePoint Syntex and the capabilities these platforms can bring to your workplace, email Michelle Caldwell to arrange an initial discussion.


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