Top 3 metaverse announcements that matter

  • Posted on October 18, 2022
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Top 3 metaverse announcements that matter

We are definitely still in discovery mode on the metaverse, but it’s clear from the rush of announcements last week that it is accelerating a new future of work. In fact, Microsoft research shows about 50% of Gen Z and Millennials envision doing some of their work in the metaverse in the next two years.

The possibilities of the metaverse to transform employee and customer experiences are many, so how can you prioritize where to focus? Here are my quick takes on the top 3 metaverse announcements last week:

1. Microsoft announced how it will drive the next level of insights, efficiency, and sustainability with the industrial metaverse.

Why it matters: The consumer metaverse is familiar to most, but organizations across industries are struggling to understand how to connect physical and digital worlds to progress forward. At Avanade, we are already working with clients to help them leverage the industrial metaverse to visualize, predict and simulate sustainability, operational, and supply chain efficiency outcomes. Microsoft uniquely has the breadth of technologies to enable the industrial metaverse, from the Azure cloud to data and AI to Teams at the front-line.

2. Microsoft announces custom avatars for Teams, enabling employees to connect with presence in Teams meetings without turning their camera on.

Why it matters: The commercial metaverse will redefine how we collaborate and help us generate new ideas faster and more effectively. Inclusivity is key to this ambition and these Mesh avatars give employees more flexibility of choice in how they participate and are represented in meetings, while also minimizing fatigue from virtual video calls.

3. Accenture, Microsoft, and Meta announced they are joining forces to help businesses accelerate the future of work by delivering unique experiences in the metaverse.

Why it matters: It brings together Meta’s strength in the consumer segment and Microsoft’s strength at enterprise clients. Meta’s decision to join Microsoft in committing to open metaverse platforms, interoperability and joint innovation is a defining moment in the future of work. Imagine the opportunity for Oculus headsets to be a standard workplace tool provided to employees to perform their roles – exciting!

The capacity of the metaverse to help people learn better and faster from machines (and vice versa) is immense. Of course, like any technology, we all need to mindful of the potential for unintended consequences in the metaverse. That’s why my other hot take from last week is Avanade’s 3 key pillars for a responsible metaverse. As you become more familiar with the emerging technology possibilities of the metaverse, it’s vital that you also remain vigilant about new possibilities for bad behavior and undesirable experiences. Building and maintaining trust with employees and customers must be the top priority for your organization in the metaverse.

To learn more about practical actions you can take to embrace the metaverse responsibly, contact us.

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