Wake up to the workplace value equation

  • Posted on October 15, 2018
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What if we stopped thinking about the workplace as a cost center?

What if we woke up to the idea that the workplace experience can be a creator of sustainable value?

All well and good, but most of us have bigger priorities as we go through some sort of business transformation right now. We want to be more customer focused, productive and innovative. We need to attract and retain talent.

What’s that got to do with the workplace experience?
Quite a lot when you think about it. That talent we are trying to attract and retain (that’s you and me by the way) is what makes the magic happen.

Today, however, most employees’ workplace experience is dramatically different from their lives outside work. The challenge is to transform the workplace to give employees experiences that are at least as good as the ones they get as customers. To empower them with great technology, intelligent processes and streamlined operations.

Business is waking up to the fact that the workplace is a critical transformation enabler, the Workplace Experience has become the new frontier for competitive advantage.

Deliver this new workplace and the sky’s the limit. You get the customer experience, the productivity and the innovation. You do attract and retain the talent. The proof is out there. Fall short and you’ll struggle to keep your best people and get the most out of everyone.

Research by MIT Sloan Center of Information Systems Research (CISR) demonstrates that companies that score in the top 25% of employee experience achieve:
•    Double the customer satisfaction (industry-adjusted Net Promoter Score, NPS)
•    Twice the innovation in terms of percent of revenues from new products and services
•    25% greater profitability compared to competitors

What is WX?
Workplace Experience is a new approach that embraces the entire workplace to drive sustainable value. It combines technology, operations, culture and employee experience in a holistic approach focused on cost efficiency, productivity and growth.

It’s easier said than done. Organizational silos, legacy technologies and constrained transformation initiatives have all had a profound downstream impact on employees.

The transition of the Workplace from a cost center to a creator of sustainable value, is clearly, far more than just an IT issue. It’s a core business challenge for leaders across HR, operations and the core business functions, working together with the CIO. It’s time to join forces.

So what’s the workplace value equation? Watch the video below to find out. And click over to find out how Workplace Experience can make your employees unstoppable

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