June 2018

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Diversity & Inclusion

Reasons to believe: Why we became LGBT+ allies

Posted by Avanade News on June 28, 2018

Hear from a handful of Avanade colleagues on what inspired them to become LGBT+ allies for their coworkers.

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Technology in Action

Innovation: A long and winding road

Posted by Craig Gorsline on June 26, 2018

Avanade’s inaugural Regional Innovation Summits allowed our global teams to celebrate and innovate with reckless abandon.

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Diversity & Inclusion

5 ways to be an LGBT+ ally

Posted by Adele Rowan on June 20, 2018

Are you ready to be an LGBT+ ally but don’t know where to begin? Adele Rowan shares 5 tips to get you started.

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Women at Avanade

Girl Geeks celebrated

Posted by Jamie Leong on June 12, 2018

Our Malaysia and Singapore teams recently celebrated Girl Geek Day to create awareness of Avanade to local students. Hear all about it from Jamie Leong.

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Diversity & Inclusion

5 reasons you should care about – and be a part of – Pride

Posted by Christopher Mostello on June 6, 2018

Pride is a time to show and express love – to let love flow with freedom and without limit. Will you join us?

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