November 2021

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Career Focus

Career Adviser Spotlight: For Ben Beath, advising relationships are built on honesty and optimism at all times

Posted by Ben Beath on November 23, 2021

Our Career Adviser Spotlight series features Ben Beath, Digital and Studio Lead, from Melbourne, Australia.


Corporate Citizenship

Meet Keiara Windom, Avanade STEM scholar turned employee

Posted by Keiara Windom AND Woody Walker on November 17, 2021

Keiara Windom reflects on the impact of the Avanade STEM scholarship and the importance of guidance from her Avanade mentor.


Inclusion and Diversity

Avanade Voices: What it’s like to come out as transgender in the workplace

Posted by Erika Vonderlinn on November 15, 2021

Marking Transgender Awareness Week, Erika Vonderlinn shares their experience coming out as as transgender in the workplace as part of our Avanade Voices series.


Inclusion and Diversity

What kind of support veterans need when transitioning into the workplace

Posted by Brandon Tipton on November 10, 2021

Hear from Brandon Tipton, Avanade security analyst, on the transition from full-time to part-time in the military and the importance of a support system in the workplace.


Employee Stories

By giving me opportunities for both rest and growth, Avanade strikes the perfect balance in my employee experience

Posted by Lauren Chval on November 8, 2021

Lauren Chval shares how she's able to find the perfect balance between finding challenge at work and taking time to recharge at Avanade.


Inclusion and Diversity

Passing the traditions of Diwali on to my daughter

Posted by Samiksha Gupta on November 2, 2021

Samiksha Gupta reflects on celebrating Diwali and sharing the traditions of this celebration with her daughter.


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