September 2021

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Inclusion and Diversity

Black History Month: How representation can make – or break – someone’s confidence

Posted by Rioh Burke-Derby on September 30, 2021

Read Rioh Burke-Derby's reflections on the importance of Black History Month, which takes place annually in October in the United Kingdom.


Employee Stories

Avanade Homecoming: Returning to Avanade was an easy decision for Kevin Tan

Posted by Kevin Tan on September 29, 2021

This edition of our Homecoming series features Kevin Tan, who returned to Avanade to be somewhere that he can work, learn and play.


Inclusion and Diversity

Avanade Voices: What it looks like to be my full, authentic self as a life coach

Posted by Avanade News on September 22, 2021

In this edition of Avanade voices, Austin Walker shares how and why he became a life coach and how he's sharing the opportunity for coaching with the Avanade community.


Inclusion and Diversity

What it looked like when I came out as bisexual in the workplace

Posted by Siri Geluk on September 21, 2021

Siri Geluk commemorates Bisexuality Visibility Day by sharing her story of coming out as bisexual in the workplace.


Women at Avanade

Launching ADA–Todas na Avanade to improve gender parity in tech

Posted by Beatriz Pivotto on September 15, 2021

Beatriz Pivotto shares how our newest program in Brazil is hiring and upskilling women in tech.


Avanade Spotlight

From São Paulo to Dubai: Adriano Neves brings curiosity, energy and passion to make an impact in Avanade’s latest expansion

Posted by Adriano Neves on September 7, 2021

Avanade is expanding to the United Arab Emirates! Hear Adriano Neves' perspective on this exciting news and the journey ahead.


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