#Avanade20Years: An interview with Avanade alum and fitness guru Natalie Dau

  • Posted on February 20, 2020
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#Avanade20Years: An interview with Avanade alum and fitness guru Natalie Dau

At Avanade, we like to say that once you go orange, you’re always orange. Located out of Singapore, Natalie Dau used to work in global marketing for Avanade. Now, she’s an entrepreneur and content creator, which includes producing and hosting her own series, “Keeping it Real.” We caught up with the Avanade alumna to reminisce about her days at the company, talk about the incredible things she’s doing now and how Avanade helped prepare her for the path she’s on.

Avanade News: What was your role at Avanade?

Natalie: It changed over nine years! I started out as head of market development for Asia-Pacific (APAC) and then became a senior director of global marketing operations role on top of running marketing and comms for APAC. A typical day included a very early start, usually to join conference calls with the U.S. and then working with service line heads, head of the region and the global marketing team, of course.

Avanade News: What did you love most about working here?

Natalie: It’s a classic answer, but the people. The global marketing team was great, and I loved my boss! I had so many memorable moments at Avanade, but my favorite was probably my first trip to Seattle for the global sales conference and finally getting to meet so many people in person. It was amazing to be part of a company that was growing so rapidly and feel like I was making an impact, while also building a network of great people.

Avanade News: What came after Avanade?

Natalie: I did a complete 360 and left the corporate world. I now run multiple businesses, all with a focus on health and wellness. Creating content for my social media presence (@rockstararms) is a big part of my day, as well as having my own fitness app, being a sponsored athlete (I train a lot) and appearing and speaking at events. I also just finished a collaboration with Facebook where I produced and hosted my first series that had over 30 million viewers.

Avanade News: Wow! Of all of those things, what are you most proud of accomplishing?

Natalie: I think being the first person to launch a fitness App in Asia, as well as my “Keeping It Real” series, which has impacted so many lives in a positive way.

Avanade News: How did your time at Avanade impact this next phase of your career?

Natalie: What I’m doing is so different, but my marketing skills that I developed at Avanade come in handy every single day. The advice I give to people who want to pursue a passion is not to be scared to try multiple things – having a broad experience makes you interesting and gives you understanding. As a company, Avanade really understood that for its employees too.

Avanade News: What’s next for you?

Natalie: I’m continuing to create more quality content to inspire people to get or stay healthy. I’m now talking to some of the global networks about producing my next series for them, so that’s the next thing on the horizon.

Karen Schneider

Amazing what can happen when you follow your passion!

March 12, 2020

Stella Goulet

So impressive to see what you've achieved, Nat! Congratulations!

March 10, 2020

Heath Whelan

Loved this!  More please :-)

February 20, 2020

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