Hitting milestones: A Q&A with one our first employees in Brazil

  • Posted on April 14, 2019
  • Estimated reading time 2 minutes
Avanade Brasil

This is the second in a two-part Q&A series with our people who have been with us from the very first day we opened for business in Brazil. In their own words, these ground-floor innovators talk about the growth both they and Avanade have experienced since the very beginning.

Name: Fernanda Gava
Designation: HR Analyst
Date you first joined Avanade Brazil: Since 2010

Q. Describe your first day with Avanade Brazil.
A. My first day at Avanade Brazil was filled with a lot of excitement and anticipation! We were at the start of what would become an inspiring and meaningful journey to launch Avanade’s business in Brazil and establish a growing presence in the market, which is even more impressive considering that Avanade Brazil was so small at that time.

Q. Tell us a bit more about your inspiring career journey with Avanade.
A. There were a lot of challenges over the years, but Avanade has always been and remains a family and company that I felt incredibly proud to belong to. Our leadership team fostered an open and accessible culture where any of us could sit next to our executive or access them at any time.

Q. Your proudest human impact moment at Avanade is...
A. Definitely the moment I became a full-time Avanade employee! At that time, it wasn’t commonplace for contractors to be converted into permanent employees, so I made it my personal goal to secure full-time employment. To be able to achieve this and be a part of our growth milestone today is remarkable to say the least.

Q. Our people at Avanade Brazil can be best described as…
A. Very welcoming people. What we most hear is that our workplace and culture are distinctive in Brazil, and our people are the ones who make the most difference.

Q. What are the three ingredients that made you feel confident and cared for at Avanade?
A. Commitment and belief in Avanade’s vision, sharing the purpose to make a real difference in the work we do and in people’s lives, and to relish in being a part of this journey of growth!

Q. The one place visitors to Brazil should not miss is…
A. Our beaches.

Q. Besides football (soccer), Brazilians are also known for…
A. Wonderful food, our warmth and hospitality

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