Women in business tweetchat on march 27: join the conversation

  • Posted on March 19, 2014

Women in Business TweetChat

International Women’s Day has passed but the discussions at the heart of this holiday continue. One of the biggest questions is “how can women in business continue to advance their careers and reach equality in the workplace?”

Next week, Avanade is excited to host its first Tweetchat to help answer that question, talk about the challenges women still face in business today and idenitfy opportunities and resources that women can take advantage of to grow in their careers and support one another. Two of Avanade’s female executives – Mirjam van Olst and Katarina Engblom – will be moderating the discussion on March 27 at 9am PT / 12pm ET / 4pm GMT.

It’s clear that businesses still have work to do in diversifying employment. Sure, women excelling and leading in the workplace is at a high, but is that high still too low? A recent Catalyst survey cited that just 16.9 percent of corporate board seats were held by women in 2013. And, out of the top Fortune 500 companies, 135 still have no female executive officers.

There is a growing demand by many organization to increase the number of women in executive and board member roles, to help women rise to the top in traditionally male-dominated industries like technology and educate on how women can “have it all” in their work and personal lives. Now is definitely the time for women in business to start making a move towards change.

We’d love to hear your perspectives on the challenges and opportunities women in business see today and how your organization is diversifying its workplace. Please join us! Full details are below. You can also reach us on Twitter at @AvanadeNews and @InsideAvanade for more information.

Hope you all can join us!



  • How can women in business help each other to advance their careers?
  • What do companies need to do to increase the # of women execs and board members?
  • What are your biggest career priorities as a woman today?
  • How can women rise above in male-dominated industries like IT?
  • What challenges do women face today in business?
  • Which female executives do you feel are good role models today?
  • What online resources are available for women who want to stay on top of women’s advancements in business?

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