Avanade opened a new innovation hub in Málaga, Spain—100 employees jumped at the chance to move there as pioneering innovators.

  • Posted on July 13, 2022
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With a population of over half a million people, Málaga, Spain is the southernmost large city in Europe. Avanade is doing its part to keep that population growing – one CRM and ERP expert at a time! With the launch of the second Avanade Dynamics 365 Málaga Bootcamp, our Business Applications Hub officially became a team of 100 people comprised of 15 nationalities. What does that mean? One-hundred new and diverse voices to make our ideas and solutions work better for all. And 100 careers, each of which could take countless different paths within Avanade. Many of us moved to Málaga for this opportunity, so we are learning the city together as well.

We opened our Málaga Dynamics 365 Innovation Hub in 2019 to address the growing opportunities in business applications we were seeing across Europe. The team is not only diverse when it comes to our background; together we have competencies to help customers with their sales, marketing, customer & field service, supply chain, retail, manufacturing, finance operations and more! We recognized the power of having so many complementary skills and perspectives in one place, which makes it possible to innovate and share ideas quickly to advance Avanade’s business applications offerings and serve clients effectively.

I am still amazed when looking at what we have achieved so far for the Málaga Hub. And yet there is still plenty of room for growth. As we say at Avanade, “Together we go beyond,” and we live that every day in Málaga. But do not only take my word for it. Hear from four members of our Málaga Hub about their experience joining and how they are enabled to grow their skills through working with our clients:  


Evelyn Uche, Nigeria: Anyone who knows ERP knows that Avanade is one of the biggest players in the game. This is where I really wanted to work, where I could work with and learn from the best. Leaving Africa for the first time was a bit of culture shock. The Málaga team went above and beyond to help me relocate and onboard. I am currently working on a project with the Italian team. I can specialize on a particular part of the system and learn so much whilst working with experts that have experience with other modules. So far, I am learning a lot and feeling very included and involved.

Making a move can be scary, as it comes with uncertainties. Yet joining Avanade has been one of my best decisions ever. This is an opportunity of a lifetime; I am on the right track.


Ismael Zapirain, Spain: I saw an Avanade opportunity on my university’s work page. I applied right away because I knew Avanade would give me opportunities to work on international projects. I also really liked some ERP-related work I did while getting my master’s degree. I started with trainings and bootcamps about finance and supply chain, and when I started my first project, I was able to put a lot of my training to use.

If it is your goal to work with a large team, on international projects with software that is interesting, then Avanade is the place to be, without any doubt.

Martin Fernandez Mosca, Argentina: I was first attracted to the Avanade name, which is the best in the business. I also wanted to move from Buenos Aires to Europe and work with an international team with different backgrounds and ways of living. I came to Spain alone without my family to a new city and a new job. As the days went by the support from colleagues and HR made it easier. Now that I am working on projects and know my colleagues better, I feel part of Avanade.

Also, the opportunity to share my experience with younger consultants is something that I like a lot.

The experience is great, it will surely help you in your future career and you will meet a lot of very skilled professionals to work with and a great human group. What is not to like?


Myriam Bocka Pazo, Spain: In my biomedical engineering studies, I gained experience with programming. A co-student shared a vacancy for a power platform internship at Avanade as I was interested in working in IT. I liked it so much I decided to stay after the program. Everyone is so keen to help and available to answer questions. My career adviser helps me look for training and certifications that will help me in my role which makes the experience so much better. As an intern, I had many opportunities to learn at Avanade by following training and bootcamps. No matter your years of experience, you will feel at home.

Explore career opportunities in our Malaga Hub here or visit our career pages to learn more about life at Avanade.

Juan Gutierrez Botella

this is a truly great team!, thanks everyone for all what you are doing

July 20, 2022

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