Career Adviser Spotlight: Ana Belén Paiz Roca prioritizes empathy and coaching

  • Posted on October 7, 2021
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Career Adviser Spotlight: Ana Belén Paiz Roca

As part of Avanade’s culture of mentorship and learning, every employee is assigned a career adviser (CA) who guides them through their career, helping everyone at Avanade grow professionally and feel inspired, confident and cared for. Career Adviser Spotlights shine a light on Avanade CAs who go above and beyond for their advisees.

This post features Ana Belén Paiz Roca, Software Engineering Senior Analyst, based in Málaga, Spain.

How long have you been a CA at Avanade?

I have been a CA since 2015 when I was promoted to Senior Analyst.

What’s the most rewarding thing about being a CA?

The most gratifying thing is being able to know the people you work with closely, connect with them, guide and help them to continue growing professionally and, of course, personally because when you listen to their problems from another perspective, it is easier to make them see things differently.

What’s the most challenging thing about being a CA?

The most challenging thing is to make advisees aware to update their fwd_Story continuously and capture all their achievements.

How do you balance/integrate your role as a CA into your work?

I am a very orderly person and I’m able to integrate this role into my work easily. I like to meet with my advisees every month (always using the camera!). In this way, having frequent meetings, we don’t need more than half an hour, which makes it possible to combine perfectly with daily work.

Can you briefly describe something new you learned about yourself that resulted from interactions with advisees?

Since becoming a CA, I have learned to have more empathy, putting myself in their place and listen. Sometimes they just need someone who listens to them.

What advice would you give to fellow CAs?

I don't know if it would be advice but what I always do is tell advisees the truth and not just what they want to hear.

How would you sum up your experience as a CA in a word (or a few words)?

Empathy and coaching.

Thanks, Ana, for being a great coach, for being a great supporter, and for being you!

When asked about what makes Ana a great career adviser, this is what we heard:

"Ana is a great professional who has cared for me and my professional career since before being my CA. Whenever I have a question or problem, she is there to help me with a smile. Thanks to her I am hopeful about my career aspirations and I feel that I will be able to achieve my goals."

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