Career Adviser Spotlight: Listening is key for Joanna Lee

  • Posted on February 25, 2021
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Career Adviser Spotlight: Listening is key for Joanna Lee

As part of Avanade’s culture of mentorship and learning, every employee is assigned a career adviser (CA) who guides them through their career, helping everyone at Avanade grow professionally and feel inspired, confident and cared for. Career Adviser Spotlights shine a light on Avanade CAs who go above and beyond for their advisees.

This post features Joanna Lee, a Manager in CRM based in Singapore.

Joanna Lee is a Business Analysis Manager for CRM in Singapore, and a CA to six advisees. Recognition, feeling proud and listening are the resounding words in her leadership perspective. Read what Joanna has to say about her role as a CA.

How long have you been a CA at Avanade?

3.5 years (45 months)

What motivated you to be a CA, and have you realized those benefits?

I like helping and supporting people to grow and become better in their career or life.

Describe a moment where you felt inspired, confident or cared for as a CA.

The moment where my advisees get promoted or recognitions for the work they have done.

What's the most rewarding thing about being a CA?

Being able to see the advisees achieve their goals in every aspect of their life. I hope my advisees do well in their career and life and feeling proud of them for their achievements.

What advice would you give to fellow CAs?

Take the conscious effort to spend time to connect, listen to them.

How would you sum up your experience as a CA in a few words?

Being a CA is like parenting!

Joanna, thanks for building a trusting relationship with your advisees and for sharing your perspective with fellow CAs!

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