Career Adviser Spotlight: How mentors improved John Bradwin’s own approach to advising

  • Posted on September 22, 2020
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Career Adviser Spotlight: How mentors improved John Bradwin’s own approach to advising

The following blog post was written by Avanade alum John Bradwin.

As part of Avanade’s culture of mentorship and learning, every employee is assigned a career adviser (CA) who guides them through their career, helping everyone at Avanade grow professionally and feel inspired, confident and cared for. Career Adviser Spotlights shine a light on Avanade CAs who go above and beyond for their advisees.

This post features John Bradwin, a Group Manager in Infrastructure based in Seattle, Washington.

How long have you been a CA at Avanade?

5 years

Describe a moment where you felt inspired, confident or cared for as a CA.

One moment where I felt ‘cared for’ as a CA was at my last promotion – my adviser came back to me with the congratulations and described that it was partly credited to the care, compassion and interest I took in being a career adviser, cultivating Avanade’s culture and core values.
What’s the most rewarding thing about being a CA? 

The pride I feel when one of my team members earns a promotion is the best! I’m a believer in building everyone up and I like to know that I helped them get to that career milestone.

Tell us a little about a CA (or mentor) that helped you grow professionally?

I entered Avanade as an “experienced hire” with experience in exclusively non-Avanade and non-business topics. My last 10 years of growth I credit to my mentors who taught me to navigate the professional world, manage and articulate my work effectively, and always look for the best intentions in others (even when it seems contentious). A behavior that I’ve appreciated in all my advisers is transparency – understanding what motivates them and our business helps guide our paths and priorities.

What is the most important thing to do as a CA of someone just joining Avanade?

“Make the first move.” A new hire won’t know where to start, so set up some time with them to help digest all the information they have received through onboarding, training, project assignments, etc. Coach them on what Avanade prioritizes and what they should prioritize (like myTE submissions). Give new hires a strong base to build on and a structure for growth and they will flourish at Avanade.

What advice would you give to fellow CAs? 

Look at it like being a team coach – you’ll have a variety of players with different styles, motivations and skills. Because you want each player on your team to succeed, you have to adapt your teaching style so it resonates per person. Give advice when appropriate to the situation but let your advisees surmount some challenges on their own so they balance out their consulting skills.

Thanks John, those are clear tips to remember. Thanks for being a great CA!

When asked about what kind of CA John is, this is what we heard:

"John Bradwin continues to be one of best mentors in the region. I have seen John provide some concrete guidance on getting his advisees back on track and seeing the results through his advisees’ performance improvement. This manner of mentoring proves how he is a good listener, takes into account the perspective of his advisee and putting himself in their position. He has also provided mentoring to some of our TC folks who are not his direct reports, which exemplifies his dedication to helping our people become better and achieve more."

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