My Avanade adventure continues thanks to Avanade’s Cybersecurity Academy

  • Posted on April 27, 2023
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My Avanade adventure continues thanks to Avanade’s Cybersecurity Academy

My move from executive assistant into security was possible because of Avanade’s Europe Cybersecurity Academy. In a four-week deep training framework, I not only learned enough about security to earn my Microsoft SC400 certification, an information protection certification, I also spent time with Avanade and Microsoft leaders and others working in security to understand how what I was learning related to the real world of client projects.

I have always embraced new experiences and adventures. When I started my career in the travel industry in my native Latvia, I decided to go and see some of the places I was sending people to. I traveled all over the world and worked in several different countries. When I stopped in London, I decided to stay for a while. Twenty years later, I am still in the U.K.

My journey at Avanade has been similar as I’ve continued to seek new experiences and adventures. After working as an executive assistant (EA) for many years, I knew I enjoyed Avanade and the people here, but I was ready for something new. As any good adventurer does, I did my research into opportunities, talking to different people in the consulting and delivery parts of the business. I quickly learned how much I don’t know! Through my explorations, finally decided security was a good fit for my skills and interests. It uses many of the skills I employ as an EA — communication, project management, financial analysis and working with people. And, at its core, it is about understanding and anticipating human behavior, which is a large part of being an effective executive assistant. Sadly, it’s often humans who are the weakest link in technology, so part of my role is educating people on habits that are not easily exploited by bad actors.

Many of the people in my Academy class were new to Avanade. Knowing the culture here definitely gave me an advantage — it was like traveling to a place where the language is different but most of the customs are the same. And of course, the friendliness, support and professionalism of everyone I encountered along the way made me happy that I could find my newest career adventure right here at Avanade.

My work in security involves working with multiple clients to proactively scope and deliver solutions aligned to their strategic needs across a range of Microsoft technologies. I participate in data analyses and develop recommendations, helping to make strategic data-related decisions by analyzing, testing, manipulating, tracking and internally managing data. And I create and implement strategies to optimize the data systems and technology in use.

I would not be working in security today if it weren’t for the people who talked to me and encouraged me to pursue change. And I couldn’t have made the switch without Avanade’s Cybersecurity Academy giving me the knowledge, tools and support I needed to venture into something new. Finally, I may not have pursued this big change without my own spirit of adventure and Avanade’s enthusiasm for meeting me where I was and helping me move toward where I want to be. I aspire to make a difference by putting people first and always valuing professionalism, kindness and honesty!

Robbie Legget

This is great Kristine!! You're now a vital part of the Security TC!!

May 10, 2023

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