Joining the Avanade marketing team: An employee referral success story

  • Posted on June 9, 2020
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Employee Referral Success Story Showcase: Spotlight on Australia

Each of us has a story to share behind how and why we joined Avanade. It's no secret that all of us at Avanade feels like one big orange family – we are inspired by each other and we help one another feel confident and cared for. It is also no coincidence that many of us have brought family members, friends or acquaintances to be a part of this tight-knit global family.

We are putting the spotlight on our regions in Growth Markets by telling one employee referral success story at a time.

To kick off the series, let's head to Australia to find out how Zhen Li Thiang (or fondly known as 'Z') found an opportunity at Avanade through Gavin Tan, Avanade infrastructure consulting manager.

Zhen Li Thiang

Hello Z! Why not let's start with a quick introduction of yourself?

My name Zhen Li Thiang and I’m a Digital Marketing Coordinator for Avanade Australia. I'm currently based in Melbourne, born in Malaysia and grew up in Singapore where I spent most of my childhood and teen years.

So how did the opportunity to join Avanade come about?

Gavin referred me to my current role. He's a friend of a friend, who by some stroke of luck knew I was looking to change jobs.

What was the process of joining Avanade like for you?

Gavin shared the digital marketing coordinator role with me in September 2019. Thanks to Gavin and the Talent Acquisition team, which was very responsive and supported me through the entire process, the recruitment process moved quickly and I started in Avanade in November 2019.

Can you tell us a bit more about why you chose to join Avanade?

The role is a great step in the right direction for my career. Prior to Avanade, I was in a marketing role for a consumer goods company. I've always wanted to switch to marketing at a professional services company, a place where I feel I could contribute and use my work experience as a lawyer.

I still vividly remember my interview with Debra Underwood, who was my hiring manager. Deb made me feel very comfortable with sharing my ideas even though it was my first time meeting her. She was also very open with me about what the role entailed. Her vast experience in the industry was also very attractive for me as I felt that she was someone I could learn a lot from.

Last and definitely not the least, Avanade's great culture. After speaking to Gavin and all my interviewers and researching on Glassdoor, LinkedIn etc., I had the impression that Avanade prized inclusion and diversity, and this is something I value personally, having lived and worked overseas in my short career.


Gavin Tan


First off, Gavin, where are you now?

I originally started my Avanade journey in Melbourne, Australia, and recently transferred to the Avanade Japan office in Tokyo.


We heard you introduced Z to Avanade. How did that happen?

I sensed that Deb was looking for someone (aka, I hear marketing gossip when I sit close to them). There was an open role and an opportunity at Avanade in the marketing team. Coincidentally, I knew someone that was looking for a role that was challenging, engaging and enviable. No prizes for guessing who was looking for that role.


Funnily enough...

So I referred Z to the marketing role at Avanade Australia a few weeks before I moved to our Japan office last November. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to be here in the Melbourne office to welcome Z when she joined Avanade Australia, and I hear I am missing out on all the fun she's bringing to the office.


So why did you choose to introduce Avanade and the opportunity to Z?

A few reasons. I love working for Avanade. I love my friends, and I know the people I hang out with and so if I refer someone, I wanted to know that I’m adding more people that will make work more fun, engaging and add to the diversity of not just talent but to my working extended family.


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