The other side of the table: a campus recruiting story

  • Posted on October 5, 2017
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campus recruiting

As a recent college graduate, it’s a surreal feeling being on “the other side” of the recruiting game at a career fair. Just months ago I was a student approaching recruiters trying to sell my education, technical skills and hands-on experience obtained throughout my college career while at the same time determining if the company was a good fit.

Now? Now, I’ve landed the role that I wanted with a leading global technology consultancy. And apparently, I’ve made such a good impression that I was asked to support the North American campus recruiting team at an onsite event! Last week at the Rutgers Career Fair I found myself going from the student side of the recruiting equation to being the recruiter. Now I’m the one who students come up to. I’m the one who takes resumes instead of handing them out. I found myself thinking, “Are these students talking to the right person?” A split second later, the rational part of me would then respond, “Yes. Yes, they are.”

The journey to “the other side” wouldn’t have been possible without Avanade. Joining this company has influenced me in a multitude of ways, even before I started here. We’ve all heard that change doesn’t happen overnight – something I agree with, but, unbeknownst to me, changes had been occurring for quite some time. The realization of the transformation I had gone through didn’t hit me when I was walking across the stage at graduation, or during the first day of the job, or even at the end of the four-week intensive Ignition training. It took going back to the place where I had spent four very eventful years to have that realization – Rutgers University.

Avanade has unquestionably been the catalyst for the change. I joined the company because it was clear to me that they were doing something right - including just being named the Microsoft Alliance Partner of the Year for the 13th time. But what I found was that the fantastic and infectious company culture is what made my first steps into my career thoroughly enjoyable. When I was talking to potential candidates for the company at the Rutgers Career Fair, I didn’t feel like I was speaking on behalf of some hidden, unknown figure; I was representing and speaking for Avanade. The positions and titles we have may distinguish us in terms of our professional background and knowledge, but past all that, we’re on equal standing. We are all part of one team, one culture, united to contribute to an ever-growing technological world. As individuals and as a company, we strive to better ourselves in both a professional and technical manner so that we can have an even bigger impact through the work we do for our clients, their customers and the world around us.

Ultimately, I know my career is just beginning. There are many people, places and opportunities that I have yet to experience. But, as yet another adage goes, first impressions are lasting impressions, and I have full faith that Avanade is providing me the best foundation for my career.

If you’re a college junior or senior, or recent college grad, looking for a career in IT, check out our graduate career page and apply today. Who knows, if you start your career with us, you could be with me on “the other side” at the next career fair! 

Rob Hazelton

Great article Kush!  Thanks for the very interesting and entertaining perspective from the "other side of the desk!"  Time flies doesn't it?  I see a few other Rutgers grads there with you...thanks for representing Avanade and finding us some new talent! - Rob H

November 2, 2017

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