What it means to Go Orange

  • Posted on June 17, 2016

I’ll admit it: I bleed “Orange.” I’ve grown with Avanade over the better part of my career; even leaving at one point only to come back because what I’ve found here I haven’t experienced anywhere else. The challenges, the opportunities, the fast growth and most of all the people - it’s all become a part of who I am. And, as the Avanade “Go Orange” lead, explains why I’m so passionate about making sure our new hires have the same experience from the moment they arrive.

Why is new hire onboarding so important? As a tech consultancy, the competition for top talent is high. And just getting someone to accept a job offer isn’t enough. We were finding that once we had people in the door, all the excitement and “love” felt during the recruiting process fell away as many were staffed quickly on projects, put on a plane to a client site, and left to figure out things on their own. That’s not what we wanted for our people, and is certainly not what you’d expect from a top employer.

As an organization that is global and diverse, fast paced and innovative, we knew it was important to improve our new hire experience and onboard our people in a meaningful way. Starting a new job is a big change, and can come with uncertainty. We want our people to be part of the culture and feel fully supported from day one. We want them to know what it means to “Go Orange”.

What developed from there is our 18 month onboarding program, which kicks off with 2 days of in-person induction. Here, you are immersed in all things Avanade: meeting local leaders and new teammates, and gaining a better understanding of who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

After the first two days, we offer a variety of ways to connect through our Avanade University and Life at Avanade series, both giving an inside look at what it’s like to work here and a chance to discuss relevant topics with leadership, managers and peers. We also developed Learning Roadmaps that provide direction in those early months, promoting both personal and career development. Our dedicated Yammer groups offer access and connectivity to our global community while our new hire portal and dedicated help desk have all the resources and tools needed to get up and running quickly.

I love working at Avanade, and want to pass along that same passion for our company and build a strong sense of community for each person that walks through our doors. Our “Go Orange” experience is just the start. The support and resources we provide those looking to building a meaningful career extend well beyond their first 18 months. This strong foundation ensures our people are as successful as they can be, and their transition into Avanade is smooth, informative, supportive, and FUN!

Saeed Ahmed

Its not often consultancies give this much focus to onboarding new colleagues so reading the above makes me want to be a part of that journey

May 18, 2020

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