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  • Posted on January 4, 2022
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Beginning your career after college is an exciting time, but with a world of opportunities, it can also be challenging to navigate. How do you determine if a company is a good fit for you? We asked two recent college graduates, Kevin Chen and Thea Ulrich, to share a bit about their journeys and how they decided to begin their careers here at Avanade. 

Kevin Chen – Analyst, Business Analysis based in Seattle

Starting my career at Avanade was a no-brainer for me. From my junior year summer to the end of my senior year, I interned at the company on the corporate development team. I had a wonderful experience during my first few months, as everybody I met was passionate, intelligent, and supportive. When fall recruitment came around, I knew that I wanted to stay with Avanade for the long-term. Fortunately, a client-facing opportunity came up in the business & tech integration talent community, so I decided to transition teams. I cannot wait to explore new industries, solution areas, and technologies in this consulting role at Avanade!

Thea Ulrich – Analyst, Software Engineering based in Atlanta

My start at Avanade was truly providential. On a last-minute trip to visit my best friend in Chicago for my birthday this year, her sister recommended that I look into Avanade. She was one of many who had given me a tip for potential jobs, but what was inherently different and immediately apparent from the other pitches was that she truly loved the company she worked for. There seemed no end to the positives she could conjure up, always coming up with random little things in the coming weeks as I navigated my application process that seemed to impossibly sweeten the deal.

Nearly everything about working here seemed convenient in a way that felt predestined, as if it was an opportunity designed for me. The dream job I hadn’t known I wanted had landed squarely in my lap. I was so anxiously hopeful that this job offer would come though that I went so far as to keep my application and interview process a complete secret in fear of "jinxing" the outcome. I'm not particularly superstitious, so while I can't say that I think it genuinely had any effect, I was so relieved when I told everyone about how I had gotten an offer to my dream job.

Working here has been nothing short of a tremendous blessing since I accepted the offer. Everything about the company has rung true, including the many characteristics that had piqued my interest when I was first given a peek into Avanade's company culture. The countless kind, supportive people, a work-environment that isn't stifled by corporate hierarchy and stuffy business conduct, company policy that nurtures an inclusive environment for all to speak up in, as well as numerous opportunities for me to learn and grow and experience new things. Avanade exceeds all expectations I had, and I'm not sure I understand how I got so lucky to be able to call Avanade home as I kick off my career. But, for however long I learn and grow here at Avanade, I feel truly blessed to have received such a wonderful opportunity.

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