Avanade’s Veteran’s Employee Network launches fifth annual Toys for Tots holiday campaign

  • Posted on December 8, 2022
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The Veteran’s Employee Network has been busy this year, kicking off a number of activities to drive greater community engagement and conversation for our growing membership. And while some of our efforts have had a somber tone, like the Suicide Prevention Awareness event sponsored earlier this year, we look forward every year to the winter months that allow us to focus on gratitude and giving back through our annual Toys for Tots campaign.  

Five years ago, our first Toys for Tots campaign was a small affair, spearheaded by then-chair Julie Wyman in the Northeast. Marine volunteers were facing a significant deficit that year so she jumped in to help, delivering all the toys donated at Avanade offices to the central warehouse herself so they could be distributed to local families in time for Christmas morning.  

“Growing up, my parents always made Christmas special for us. As a U.S. Army veteran, Toys for Tots is a way for me to support the Marines and give back to my community by helping another child have a special Christmas” she says, thinking back to those early efforts.  

The Veteran’s Employee Network is proud to say we’ve been able to increase our contribution every year since, even through the collective challenges of the pandemic era. When offices were closed and people stayed home, donations continued to accumulate with the help of the Virtual Toy Box app.  This year we are so excited to see the return of those tall, white donation boxes in Avanade offices around the country and will continue to leverage the Virtual Toy Box to increase the ways in which our community gives back.  

As we kick off our fifth annual Toys for Tots campaign, we celebrate alongside Marine Toys for Tots on this milestone 75th year in action. We already have physical toy collection boxes in the Seattle, Houston, Chicago, Boston, New York, and Phoenix offices with more coming every day. The Virtual Toy Box donation link is live and seeing lots of action across all regions and our company matching option is well-utilized via the Benevity platform.  

It may be a small thing—opening a gift on Christmas morning—but these sparks of joy for children make a difference. And for the Veteran’s Network at Avanade, it’s one of the ways we do what matters. 

Donate to Toys for Tots Virtual Toy Box here (Remember to type “Avanade” into the company field).

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